Husky’s ‘Request’ for Peace and Quiet on Her Birthday Backfires Miserably

Almost everybody likes to celebrate their birthday, and most of the time it's a big day for a family. But in Kita the husky's case, she'd rather just relax and enjoy some peace and quiet instead of partying. Her sibling Tikanni has other ideas about how they should celebrate, and makes it very clear from the beginning of this video that @Tikanni Kita & Tehya's mom shared at the end of August.

Kita is laying near mom's bedroom, trying to take a snooze. But Tikanni is ready for some fun. Mom tells Tikanni to leave Kita alone, but that's not going to happen. The two dogs start 'talking', and then Tehya comes out to see what's going on. The conversation from there is just like what would happen if these huskies were kids instead of dogs!

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@Tikanni Kita & Tehya have a lot to say about the day! Kita wants her peace and quiet, but Tikanni and Tehya are ready to party! That's one noisy party! I love the dialogue that mom imagines the dogs are having; that's just as funny as the dramatic howling the huskies are all doing!

The video went viral with more than 5 million views, over 700 thousand likes, and thousands of comments. People thought the trio was just too cute! @Jay points out, "When the group finally gets together POV". @Turtle isn't wrong with, "Third member of the trio popping out was hilarious!" Another commenter added, "IDC if it's 6am, midnight, or 2 in the morning I wouldn't even be mad if I heard this!"

I had no idea that huskies were so chatty, but I would love to have a dog who talked like this! I could watch these three all day...they totally brightened up my morning!

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