Fresh Sushi Bars are Coming to a Costco Location Near You Soon—Here's What You Need to Know

Last summer, Costco rolled out its first-ever continental U.S. sushi bar in one of the company's Seattle warehouse locations. During the company’s Q2 earnings call on March 7, Costco CFO Richard Galanti spilled the beans to listeners that the first U.S. sushi counter in Issaquah, Washington had been a huge success. And in light of the achievement, Galanti announced that Costco already has “two more planned to open in the very near future.”

Sushi at Costco is no new concept, however. Locations in several Asian countries have included in-house sushi bars for years, and the same goes for Hawaii—whose warehouses have also pivoted to include freshly made sushi in-house. In America, it would make sense that Costco would test the new concept in Seattle, a city drenched with a rich maritime history.

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“The sushi program has proven to be a category where we can be successful in both quality and price, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of that in the future,” Galanti mentioned during the call.

When news hit the web of Costco’s initial rollout in Washington state, dedicated Costco members were quick to express their thoughts and opinions via a post shared to the popular Costco subreddit.

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“If it's anything like the Costco sushi I've had in South Korea and Hawaii, it should be decent,” wrote one hopeful shopper. Another chimed in to remind everyone that the Costco sushi we may have seen before is not the same as the in-house sushi bar. “Costco has experimented and sold many different types of sushi over the years, what makes this new one unique is that the sushi is made in-store and you can watch them make it through a window.”

Having fresh-made sushi at Costco is a big change for the popular retail giant in the continental U.S. It gives customers the opportunity to try something new that they possibly might not have tried before. And, it will be freshly made right in front of their faces. If anyone has ever tasted old sushi that has been sitting out on the counter for too long, this should be a welcomed change with more than delicious results.

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