Frameworks Racing's Bike Fleet Stolen from UK Hotel

After a smashing success for Frameworks Racing in the first round of the World Cup in Fort William, the team suffered an off-the-course setback.

On May 7th, Neko Mulally announced that the team’s bikes were stolen from a hotel in Milton Keynes, England.

All of the team's bikes along with multiple sets of spare wheels were stolen from the team van overnight.

Of all the teams to have items stolen, Frameworks is an especially unfortunate victim. The team races on handmade frames designed by Neko which are not commercially available (outside of one limited product run last fall.) Replacing handmade frames with the limited budget of a small team will not be easy.

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One silver lining is that the bikes will be tough for the thieves to sell without being caught, given that they are very recognizable to an educated buyer. If anyone has information, they can email

Still, this is a huge setback for Frameworks just two weeks out of the next round of the World Cup. Hopefully, Neko, Asa, and Angel can find their bikes before Bielsko-Biala, but recovering stolen bikes can take time.


On May 8th, 2024, Neko Mulally posted a story to his Instagram saying that he would travel back to the States to grab backup frames he had. Thankfully, the team was not stranded with no bikes. Read Mulally's statement below.

Flew back to the US to get more frames and parts for the next race. Huge thank you to everyone who reached out, shared our story, or offered to help. We have such a nice community! No luck yet, but the awareness is huge.

Thanks to all our sponsors for helping out to quickly supply us with what we need. Material things can be replaced. Sh*t happens, we’ll be OK for the next race.

We had a ton of Customers reach out and offer to send their frames back for the team to use at the next race. We got lucky that we had a gear bag with three frames that was not stolen from the van, and I have more at home. Heartwarming to know that you guys were there to help if we needed it!

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