Florida's Cat Sanctuary Airbnb Property Looks Like a Little Slice of 'Purradise'

Going on vacation can be so much fun. There are plenty of reasons why family vacations to the lake or spring break trips with friends are so memorable, but for cat lovers, nothing would be better than lounging around and making friends with adorable, adoptable kitties. And that's exactly what you can do at one magical Florida Airbnb!

Beloved cat rescue Purradise Springs is not only home to a squad of friendly cats, but it's also home to three brand-new yurts for Airbnb 'glamping.' Floridian Kelley Kirstein had the opportunity to stay there as an anniversary gift, and it seems like she and her partner had the times of their lives with the Purridise Springs cats. By the end of the trip, they had so many new friends!

OMG--I need to visit this amazing place! The yurt looked surprisingly spacious and comfortable, which is ideal for folks like me who don't love sleeping in the great outdoors, but there's still plenty of open air, beautiful views, and friendly felines.

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I think we can all agree that the best part of the video was watching Kelly's partner sleep so soundly while surrounded by a pile of cats. It's every kitty owner's dream come true! Many commenters even said something similar, not even attempting to downplay their envy or inspiration.

Rescuing Cats at a Smaller Level

Many people who've thought about rescuing cats feel even more inspired to do so when they see a video like this--and it's easy to see why! From the black and white cat perched on the roof to the tiny Tortie cat who snuck in under the tent closure, these cats don't have to do much in order to win over the people who love them.

In fact, videos like this one often inspire people to brainstorm for their own animal rescue missions! "If I got rich," explained @joanaquelhas, "I wouldn't tell anyone, but there would be one more cat sanctuary in the world." Aww, that's so sweet! I know of many people who would use extra money to rescue cats and dogs, but sadly, very few people get the chance to live out their dreams. Until then, everyone will keep helping animals when they can and living vicariously through sanctuary visitors like Kelly.

Visiting an animal sanctuary like this one is only one way to support those who save animals and place them in loving homes. Many animal rescues depend on donations of both items and money to keep their residents well cared for, though many will accept donations of time as well. There truly is no wrong way to help!

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