Flight Attendant Sues Airline Over Extreme Turbulence


A former Aer Lingus flight attendant is suing the airline after she experienced terrifying turbulence on a flight. (Photo: John Marotta)

No one loves turbulence on a plane, but it’s not something worth suing over.

Or so we thought.

A former Aer Lingus flight attendant is suing the airline after she experienced a ride so bumpy that she feared for her life. In the lawsuit, Cassandra Reddin claims that there was a failure to adequately supervise the landing of the plane by the co-pilot.

The Irish Independent reports that Reddin felt like the plane was spiraling out of control. “I thought we were all dead — that the aeroplane was not going to stop,” she told Dublin’s High Court. “I was shaking.”

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Cassandra Reddin is suing Aer Lingus. (Photo: Collins)

Reddin went on to explain that passengers were screaming in fear, and that the plane was thrashing about so violently that duty-free alcohol broke in the overhead compartment and spilled onto passengers.

According to Reddin, the plane was traveling so fast during the landing that she though the aircraft would veer off of the runway.

The flight from Malaga to Dublin actually took place on Nov. 19, 2009, and in her testimony, Reddin revealed that the next day she couldn’t move her neck. Reddin’s lawyer, Finbarr Fox SC, said she experienced back, neck, and shoulder injuries after the incident, and later developed panic attacks.

Other flight attendants who were working on the same flight showed up in court to testify in Reddin’s defense.

“The plane bounced several times. The plane was swerving. I have never experienced a landing like it or since,” said senior crew member Karen Fagan.

“Passengers were standing, it was a horror,” Fagan added.

Reddin now works in social media section of Aer Lingus.

The hearing continues and will enter its third day on Nov. 13.

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