FIRST Book Club: 7 Feel-Great Reads You’ll Love for May 3rd – May 9th, 2024

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Welcome, literature lovers, to the FIRST for Women weekly book club!

Here at FIRST for Women, when we’re not hard at work bringing you stories about health, nutrition, beauty and lifestyle, we like to kick back with a good book.

We know firsthand that reading provides relief from stress, improves brain health and ushers in more joy. So we rounded up our editors’ top six book picks — of new and old favorites — for May 3rd – May 9th, 2024. This week, we cover our favorite romances, mysteries, autobiographies and more. Keep reading for all of the FIRST book club picks!

We’d also love to hear what books you’re reading this month and how they made you feel!

Romance: Every Summer After

by Carley Fortune 

Every Summer After by Carley Fortune (FIRST Book Club)

“On rainy days, there are few things better than immersing myself in a swoony love story set in a small summer town,” says Julianne MacNeill, FIRST Assistant Digital Editor. “And this one stayed with me long after the last page.” Percy Fraser spends her summers next door to the Florek brothers. Over six summers, Percy’s love story with her best friend, Sam Florek, develops. But after she makes the biggest mistake of her life, she loses touch with him. When they are reunited years later, Percy finds her connection with Sam is undeniable. Now, she must face her past mistakes and see if their love can survive. Says Julianne, “This story of young summer love will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling!” (Berkley, 2022)

Mythology: Clytemnestra

by Costanza Casati

Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati (FIRST Book Club)
Sourcebooks Landmark

“Before I picked up this book, I wasn’t very well versed in Greek mythology,” says Erin McCarthy, FIRST Graphic Designer. “But on a good friend’s recommendation, I was intrigued to learn more about this prominent female figure and several others from Greek myths.” Following the life of a woman raised as a princess in ancient Sparta, her story begins with a difficult but blessed life — that is, until the cruel and vicious tyrant Agamemnon takes everything away from her. However, when Clytemnestra’s path reaches its darkest point, she is able to rise to power in a world where the odds are innately stacked against her. She soon helps a suffering kingdom under the tyrannical rule thrive, all while healing from her own past in the process. “Clytemnestra’s deep determination, relentless ambition, intelligence and pursuit of justice did not arise from her trauma, but rather, were always inherent to her character,” says Erin. “It was just incredible how this ancient mythical character inspired me!” (Sourcebooks, 2023)

Autobiography : Mom & Me & Mom

by Maya Angelou

Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou (FIRST BOOK CLUB)
Random House

“I downloaded this book after listening to Maya Angelou speak highly of her mother in an old interview,” says Adrienne Farr, FIRST Editorial Manager and Writer. In Angelou’s last autobiography, she discusses being abandoned by her mom at 3 years old, and their reunion 10 years later. Angelou became enamored with her strength, and they grew to have a wonderful relationship. “Although my mom and I have always been best friends,” shares Adrienne, “this book made me cherish our special bond even more!” (Random House, 2013)

Mystery: The Excitements

by CJ Wray 

The Excitements by CJ Wray (FIRST BOOK CLUB)
William Morrow

“Whenever I’m burnt out from too much screen time, I open up a rich, riveting mystery,” says Carissa Mosness, FIRST Assistant Digital Editor. “And this one delivered!” Ninety-year-old sisters Josephine and Penny Williamson are WWII veterans desperate for one last adventure. When they visit Paris to see their nephew, they realize their history of danger and scandal has followed them there and soon a heist ensues. Says Carissa, “This witty book had me chuckling and on the edge of my seat!” (William Morrow, 2024)

Historical Fiction: Fellowship Point 

by Alice Elliott Dark

Fellowship Point by Alice Elliott Dark (FIRST BOOK CLUB)
S&S/ Marysue Rucci

“Shortly before I read this book, my mother passed away, and I found such comfort in this author’s beautiful storytelling,” shares Diane Herbst, FIRST Senior Features Writer. Lifelong friends Agnes Lee and Polly Wister face a challenge when their properties on Fellowship Point, located on the majestic coast of Maine, are suddenly threatened with development. “This captivating book delves into the characters’ complex friendship with a surprising twist,” says Diane. “The story enthralled me.” (S&S/Marysue Rucci, 2023)

Christian Self-Help: Untangle Your Emotions

by Jennie Allen

Untangle Your Emotions by Jennie Allen (FIRST Book Club)

“I was venting to a friend about how I can get so wrapped up in my feelings that I miss seeing the blessings in my life,” confesses Maggie Dillard, FIRST Senior Associate Editor. “So when I found faith leader Jennie Allen’s new book on the topic, I couldn’t dive in fast enough!” Emotions can feel like quicksand that blocks our view of God’s hand in our circumstances. But with science-backed research and Scripture-inspired insights, Jennie helps readers navigate emotions as a means to draw closer to God and feel more joy. Says Maggie, “After realizing that God is there feeling all our emotion with us, I felt less alone and more equipped for anything that comes my way.” (WaterBrook, 2024)

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