FF7 Rebirth’s Queen’s Blood Card Game May Be Getting Expansions in the Future


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is being enjoyed by gamers worldwide and one of the most well-received elements about it is Queen’s Blood. The minigame has overtaken The Witcher 3’s Gwent as one of the most addictive card games in the world of video games, and its development team at Square Enix is well aware of it.

Speaking with Red Bull, FF7 Rebirth director Naoki Hamaguchi teased the possibility of expanding the card game in the future.

"We haven't decided anything in terms of future development for Queen’s Blood, but so far, the media who played it have provided very positive feedback on it, so we want to consider further expansions as a possibility," he said.

Playing Queen's Blood leads to some hilarious scenes in the game.<p>Square Enix</p>
Playing Queen's Blood leads to some hilarious scenes in the game.

Square Enix

Like most minigames in Rebirth, Queen's Blood is mostly optional, requiring players to only dabble in it momentarily. One major side quest in the game during Chapter 5 has Cloud participate in a Queen's Blood championship, but players can forfeit it if they don't wish to play the game.

Considering how CD Projekt Red turned Gwent into a spinoff game with expanded features, we may see Square Enix do the same for Queen's Blood. The developers have created a physical model of the game's board, castle, and cards, would expanding that to a full trading card game be too much to ask?

<p>Square Enix</p>

Square Enix

Many franchises have given birth to spinoff TCGs that have found their audience. Perhaps the same would hold for Queen's Blood. A man can dream, and that man is me.

While PS5 owners can play FF7 Rebirth right now, those who don't enjoy minigames in their RPGs can look forward to the Final Fantasy 16 PC port. As far as tone goes, the two Final Fantasy games couldn't be further apart, although both are enjoyable in their own right.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is out now on PS5.