Fans Troll Travis Kelce For Hilarious Flub During 'New Heights' Podcast

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Travis Kelce

Fans just love to tease Travis Kelce, and his latest silly moment is no exception.

Listeners of the athlete's New Heights podcast had a ball after the drop of the Wednesday, March 20 episode, which caught Travis, 34, making a comical blunder while chatting with his co-host and brother, Jason Kelce.

In a clip of Wednesday's episode posted on X (formerly Twitter), the Kelce bros shared what time they were filming the pre-taped episode on Saturday, March 16, which was at 9 a.m. for Jason in Philadelphia and 6 a.m. for Travis, who was believed to be on the West Coast enjoying some down time with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

"Trav's over there 6 a.m. on the West Coast," Jason, 36, stated, while Travis chimed in to pride himself on being an "early riser."

"Early word gets the bird," he said with a cheeky smile, seemingly intending to say the common phrase, "The early bird gets the worm."

Jason, visibly looking confused, repeated Travis' version of the phrase before bursting out into laughter.

"We're just jacked up on accelerators today, baby," Travis, 34, further joked, while assuring fans, "We made it."

But listeners just couldn't help but poke fun at the three-time Super Bowl winner for the hilarious error.

"Taylor is probably dying right now he said what?" the X user who reposted the clip wrote in their tweet.

"Good thing he’s pretty," another user playfully teased.

"lol I love that they don’t edit out these things they keep it real on New Height[s]," one user added, while another gave the star tight end the benefit of the doubt, writing, "My brain also operates at low capacity in the early morning."

Others compared the moment to some of the comical slip-ups that Taylor made during The Eras Tour—which many have affectionately dubbed "The Errors Tour."

"It's giving if you you plail to plan you plan to fail," one user tweeted, likening Travis' latest flub to when Swift mixed up the lyrics to her own song "Mastermind," during which she is supposed to say, "If you plan to fail, you plan to fail."

"They are both so adorable," another user gushed.

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