Fans Are So Obsessed with Dave Portnoy's 'Miss Peaches' They're Starting To Riot

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She's a star! It hasn't even been a week since Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy brought home his rescue pup Miss. Peaches. But already the internet is clamoring for her. In fact, the social media personality recently had to address the pup's many, many fans who were pushing for more and more Miss. Peaches content. "I can't just exploit Miss. Peaches," he joked.

Portnoy sent out a special message to all the people clamoring for more videos of the special girl.

Apparently, Portnoy was trying to get back to business as usual and tried to share his normal content. But the fans have spoken....

"We don't want to see you! Give us Miss. Peaches! Where is Miss. Peaches?" Portnoy said, imitating the many messages he received on his video.

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First of all, don't worry Miss. Peaches was safe and sound by Portnoy's side.

"She's napping. And I got to be able to do content that's not just Miss. Peaches content or else I'm out of business," he explained. "You're going to have to take some content without Miss. Peaches."

"Newsflash: I can’t only do Miss. Peaches content," he added in the video's caption.

The Miss. Peaches mania started only five days ago when Portnoy shared a video of himself going to pick Miss. Peaches up for the first time. They hit it off right away.

"She's the best," her handler told Portnoy in the clip. "I've fostered a lot — she is the sweetest soul I've ever met. She really is. She really is a special, special gal."

On February 18, Portnoy shared the story of how Miss. Peaches came to need a new home.

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As he explained in the caption, Miss. Peaches was rescued along with 26 other dogs "from a hoarding/breeding/neglect situation in Atlanta" by the Lifeline Animal Project. Portnoy has even started a fundraiser to help raise money for Lifeline Animal Project. Barstool is now selling t-shirts and sweatshirts with 100 percent of the proceeds going towards the organization. How cool!

In his post, Portnoy called Miss. Peaches a superstar. And people online agreed. "Who’s this guy on Miss Peaches account?" joked one person on TikTok. "Newsflash: we don’t care. Miss. Peaches forever," a second commenter joked. "Respectfully decline your offer and would like to counter for more Miss. Peaches content," someone else chimed in. "Ok that was content — back to Miss. Peaches," teased one woman.

Face it, Dave. You're officially running a Miss. Peaches fan account.

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