What Faith Hill Makes Tim McGraw On His 'Cheat Day'

Any good diet is nothing without an even better cheat meal. When staying disciplined with what you put in your body, it's important to take a day each week to reward yourself with your favorite off-diet meals. Having a good cheat day to look forward to can only add to the motivation to stay diligent every other day of the week. And if there is anyone who knows a thing or two about cheat meal exploits, it's award-winning country singer, Tim McGraw, who recently detailed his weight loss journey in his 2019 book Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, McGraw details his cheat meal habits and all things considered, he’s got some pretty relatable cravings — including the obvious: southern cooking. But when your wife is Faith Hill and she has a reputation for being able to throw down in the kitchen, it’s safe to assume that your cheat meals are forever going to be out of this world.

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“I mean, my wife’s Southern cooking,” McGraw recalled, “she’ll cook anything, but my cheat meal is usually like peas and cornbread and collard greens, pork chops, rice and gravy, and Coca-Cola cake.”

If Coca-Cola cake caught your attention, don't worry, it caught ours too. The classic Southern chocolate cake is made with homemade cola — which Faith makes herself — and is incorporated into a delicious chocolate icing. Who wouldn’t like a savory chocolate cake on their cheat day? We know we would.

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Luckily for us, McGraw’s cheat day guilty pleasures don't stop there. The singer also admitted to having a serious addiction to Cocoa Puffs. “I love Cocoa Puffs,” he said. “My wife can tell when I get up in the middle of the night because I leave a trail of Cocoa Puffs all over ’cause I overfill my bowl.”

Most recently, Hill gave fans an exclusive peek at McGraw’s favorite meal when he turned 56 and she made a feast for him on his big day. The delicious looking meal was made up of pot roast, rice and gravy, peas, cornbread and collard greens with a sweet tea on the side. “My husband couldn’t wait until dinner for his favorite meal so we are having it for lunch.. (and) most likely again for dinner,” she wrote in her heartfelt Instagram post

If there is anything we can take away from the celebrity couples’ eating habits, it's the importance of caring about what you put into your body. And although the country singer can no longer run anymore due to ongoing foot injuries, his commitment to his health is commendable. Anybody with that type of dedication deserves that joyful cheat day.

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