New and expectant mothers receive baby products ahead of Mother’s Day

New and expectant mothers receive baby products ahead of Mother’s Day

QUEENS, N.Y. (PIX11) — A touching giveaway was held in Queens on Friday where a mix of diapers, baby formula, and wipes were distributed to mothers and expecting mothers.

The giveaway was held at Councilwoman Sandra Ung and Linda Lee’s offices.

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The products were provided for by nonprofits Met Council and UA, both of whom work in partnership with the speaker’s office and city council.

UA3 says it was notified by its retail partners about an excess supply of baby formula and knew it had to step in. “We know how expensive baby formula is at this time and we recall the shortage of formula not so very long ago so we snapped up and got the truck and went and got the pallets,” said Kate Mooney of UA3.

Councilwoman Ung says it is a privilege to give back to mothers, especially ahead of Mother’s Day. “I don’t think we acknowledge how hard it is to really be a mother and certainly right now with the rising cost of food and inflation so this is helpful.”

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Dominique Brown, a 26-year-old from Queens Village is 5 months pregnant with her first baby and is already preparing. She came to pick up diapers, formula and baby wipes at the giveaway.

“Any contribution is helpful and I’m really grateful because the economy is tough,” said Brown. “Everything costs and there are so many things to get for a baby – especially first time baby so this is great.”

Brown adds the products will help tremendously in her first few months as a new mom. She says the giveaway means the world to not just to her but also to the baby girl she’s about to welcome into the world.

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