Dog Pouts Like a Little Kid After Realizing She's Not Going Hunting with Dad

There are countless reasons to love dogs, from their entertaining zoomies to that little noise they make when they yawn. No matter their breed age, or history, every dog has a personality as perfect and unique as themselves. That's why we love our furry friends--even if they can act a bit moody sometimes.

Dixie the Black Labrador recently became a bit grumpy after getting her hopes up in the car. She thought she was going dove hunting with her dad, but they were only dropping off Dixie's human sibling at school. Now that they're home, the stubborn Labrador is staging a protest!

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@Dixiethelabdog's attitude is a whole mood (literally), but we can relate even more to her dad who's doing his best to negotiate with her calmly. As cute and silly as a sassy dog can be, a standoff like this can be annoying AF when you need to get going with your day. Fortunately, it seems like this dog dad isn't too frustrated if he's filming Dixie's tantrum!

"This is the dog version of 'I'm fine,'" explained commenter @thomas.a.m89. LMAO! This is actually a great point; this dog's silent treatment says so much without saying anything at all. She may not admit how disappointed she is about not going hunting, but she's determined to stay stoic.

Labrador Retrievers are great family dogs--and they're also one of the most popular dog breeds--but not everyone can picture a Lab as a hunting partner. Still, it's in their names! Retrievers, like Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers, were bred to (you guessed it) retrieve game after a hunter had shot it. It's no wonder why Dixie loves to hunt so much. It's in her blood!

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