Dog Blatantly Ignores His Dad While He's Getting in Trouble and It's Too Funny

Just like kids, pets know when they are going to get in trouble for something they've done. In this video that @PubityPets shared last week, a dog who knows he's in trouble refuses to acknowledge his upset dad, and it's just too funny!

Apparently, dad had brought home a $20 chicken parmesan for dinner and left it on the counter where the dog could get it. It must've smelled good and so the dog decided to take the chance and eat it, even though he probably knew he'd get in trouble. And when dad realized what he'd done, he was mad, but the dog's reaction is just priceless!

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He's just like a little kid! He refuses to acknowledge his dad or admit to any wrongdoing. He probably thinks if I can't see him, he can't see me. I love that across the video they wrote, "I'm not saying a word until my lawyer gets here"...that's exactly how the dog is acting! How can dad still be mad at him?!

I'm not sure how this video didn't go viral since more than 5 thousand people liked it enough to comment on it. @Sweet.Potato.Pi laughs, "How dare you yell at this little innocent baby? It’s your fault for leaving the chicken parm out!!!" Another commenter said, "No regrets. Zero. None. And I'll do it again." @Polash shares the dog's point of view, "Don’t even know who dad’s yelling yet, I’m invisible - he can’t even see me next the trash can."

Yes, dogs can do things that upset their parents, just like kids do. But just like yelling at your kids isn't going to change anything, yelling at your dog will only stress them out. Make sure to leave food in the kitchen out of their reach. This is a hard lesson to learn, but by doing it, you'll both be happier, and your dog avoids guaranteed trouble!

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