This dog mom carries her puppy around in a Baby Björn and the pics are hilarious

Abby Fleischman and her fiancé are parents to two goldendoodles, Lena and Olive. The pupper duo is so adorable that their fluffy cuteness has even earned them more than 24,000 Instagram followers — they’re also getting a little famous for the way they are transported, namely Olive, who spends most of her days being toted around by her dog mom in a Baby Björn.

The Chicago dog mom tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the original idea to put Olive in a Baby Bjorn came out of pure necessity.

“I decided to get the dog version of the Baby Björn because my fiancé had to travel for work the month of October and left a day after we got Olive. I had our annual apple-picking plans with friends I didn’t want to cancel, and I was sure that other events would come up during this time as well,” she says. “Since Olive was a brand-new puppy, I wasn’t going to leave her at home; she couldn’t walk on a leash yet, and she didn’t have any of her shots, which led to the search to find the perfect carrier.”

After a thorough Amazon search, she found the perfect Bjorn for dogs.

Abby has shared several snaps of her goldendoodle bundled up in the Baby Björn, and she says that the couple loves carrying the pup in it, and passersby enjoy it as well.

“A group of girls thought she was fake, that I was for some reason carrying around a stuffed animal,” Abby recalls. “That was probably the best reaction we got, but most people just loved it and want to come up and meet her. Olive is so chill in it, she just hangs out.”

Olive is a rather new addition to the family; the Chicago couple adopted her just a few weeks ago. Although there is a three-year difference between Lena and Olive, they are actually real sisters. Lena was born in 2014 to the same mom but different dad as Olive.

“Bringing a second dog into the house was nerve-racking, but watching them learn to love each other, play together, and bond has really been something we enjoy. Plus, now Lena has a permanent playmate,” says Abby.

“I know she’ll be too big shortly, but I want to enjoy carrying her the most I can,” she says. “If only puppies didn’t grow so fast.”

If only.

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