Digimon Con Reveals Amazing New Digivice, Not Much Else

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Digivice 25th Color Evolution

Digimon Con wrapped up just a couple of hours ago at the time of writing, and despite the three-hour stream, not a whole lot was announced. One thing that was announced, however, was a brand-new Digivice toy, and it looks absolutely incredible.

The Digivice 25th Color Evolution is a new toy based on the Digivice seen in the original Digimon Adventure anime, and its pseudo-remake Digimon Adventure:. It’s a lot like the toys that were produced in the early 2000s, with the classic shape and marble-based pedometer, but this time features a full color screen.

You’ll be able to pick from the eight starting Digimon that the Digidestined from Adventure had, and raise them up through walking with them. Like the old Digivices, every now and then you’ll come across an encounter, in which you’ll be able to battle against wild Digimon. It’s an experience that won’t be unfamiliar to the folks who owned one as a kid, but enhanced in just about every way.

The new Digivice is just like the one in the show, with a color screen, lights, and sounds. <p>Bandai Namco</p>
The new Digivice is just like the one in the show, with a color screen, lights, and sounds.

Bandai Namco

The full color screen is a big step up, giving you a better view of the action and a bunch of new and improved animations. It’s not a particularly high resolution screen, but it does look gorgeous, as does the device itself, which is an almost perfect replica of the one seen in the anime.

Depending on the Digimon you choose, the Digivice will light up a specific color – each corresponding to the Digidestined’s own Digivice – and play voice lines from the Digimon. It also has a rumble feature, and a belt clip, so you can take it with you everywhere and play it as you please.

The Digivice 25th Color Evolution will cost 11,000 yen, or about $75 USD, but it’s not yet known if the device will be given a fully localized release. Preorders will be live on the Japanese Premium Bandai from today and last about six weeks, though when they’ll ship is anyone’s guess.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much the biggest news out of the stream. It was said that new information about the upcoming Digimon Story game would be coming “soon” – we’ve heard that one before – and no new anime series was announced, despite this year being the 25th anniversary of the Digimon anime starting.

The presenters did hint at another event coming sometime in the Summer, though, so we may not have to wait too long to hear more. We won’t be holding our breath, though, just in case.

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