Designers Agree: These 6 Trending Materials Need to Be in Your Home This Year

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Giselleflissak / Getty Images

Interior design trends are always changing. But a few materials have made a lasting impression in 2024. Performance fabrics, granite, marble, biophilic accents, and mixed metals are all the rage. Thankfully, they can also easily be incorporated into any home, starting with a few small details.

Here are the materials interior designers say you should add to your home in 2024 and their best tips for how to start.

Solid Wood

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Daniel Cortez / Getty Images

Solid wood is a popular biophilic accent that is on-trend this year. Add solid wood furniture to a room for a durable and chic design.

“You can't deny the pliability and quality of a proper wood piece,” says Shareen Bailey, founder and principal designer behind Green Shareen Design Interiors. Whether it’s something custom or something purchased, solid wood pieces are the perfect choice for a biophilic accent that isn’t just a plant.

If you’re planning a renovation, consider natural hardwood floors to liven up a space and add texture.

“Wood can be easily cleaned and refinished to last generations,” says Molly McGinness, owner of Molly McGinness Interior Design. She recommends natural materials for large floors to make sure the room doesn’t feel too sterile.

Stand-Out Stoneware

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Grace Cary / Getty Images

Another traditional material making a comeback this year is stone. Stoneware has a versatile, timeless appeal. Stone brings a natural, earthy, cooler aesthetic, making it a stand-out material that can be used all around the home.

Incorporate stoneware like granite or quartzite in bigger kitchen and bathroom renovations. If your budget allows, opt for marble flooring for a classy move. To maximize a limited budget, try slate.

For permanent stand-out stoneware, choose stone for mantles, fireplaces, and countertops. For temporary looks, try accents, such as side tables or decor items.

Performance Fabric

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Issarawat Tattong / Getty Images

Performance fabrics are highly durable upholstery materials used for everyday furniture like couches, chairs, and rugs. These fabrics are long-lasting and easy to clean. They are popular in many homes because they are water-, stain-, and almost everything-resistant. Because they’re designed to endure, they are great for high-traffic rooms and families with kids and pets.

Incorporate these fabrics into any space by buying new furniture or reupholstering beloved furniture you already have. McGinness tends toward synthetic high-performance fabrics like 100% spun dyed acrylic.

“This type of fabric has come a long way in aesthetics and very often can look and feel like a natural fiber, and is available in just about any weave you can imagine,” McGinness says. For inspiration, she says to start with brands like Sunbrella and Perennials Fabrics.


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ninavartanava / Getty Images

Ceramics add texture, which is integral to many home design styles. From maximalism to minimalism, and anything in between, clay, porcelain, or terracotta ceramics make a good room look great.

It’s simple enough to add decorative or functional pieces, like a fruit bowl or oversized vase, to a highly visible table. Otherwise, try ceramic floor tiles or backsplashes for a more substantive upgrade.

For a one-of-a-kind look, place red earth ceramics or kintsugi gold-lacquered repaired pieces in foyers and mantles, where they can’t be missed.


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John Keeble / Getty Images

Wool is a cozy material that is popular in interior design this year. As a natural fiber, wool brings a sense of material to your home.

“Wool area rugs will soften up the living spaces and create a grounding parameter for the furniture, especially in open, multi-functional rooms,” says McGinness. She recommends high-quality wool in a tight weave so it can be cleaned easily and last for generations.

Mixed Metals

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John Keeble / Getty Images

“Every design starts with a solid lighting plan. No one can see how cohesive and beautiful the textures are if it's not light with ambient, accent, and task lighting. A space that's well done has all three elements,” says Bailey. Yet, the type of lighting fixture can make all the difference.

Though often considered more industrial and modern-looking, metals can bring sophistication and intrigue to any space. Mixed metals are the intentional combination of metallic finishes, like bronze, black, gold, and brass.

Find color and contrast balance in each room by switching out the lamp fixtures and shades first. Then, try knobs, door pulls, cabinetry handles, hinges, towel racks, and mirrors to layer throughout the house.

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