Dave Portnoy's Rant About People Shaming Miss Peaches' Stroller Is Epic

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No one is going to come for Miss. Peaches. Especially when she takes her walk. The rescue pup's owner, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, is blasting some of the haters he's seen while out and about with his prized pup. And he's not backing down one bit.

Apparently some people are pretty judgy that he pushes his good girl in a stroller. But Portnoy had some fine words for those who were criticizing.

The dog dad took some time out of his schedule to address some of the backlash he's received while walking Miss. Peaches in a fancy stroller.

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"Quick PSA from me and Mrs. Peaches," he said facing the camera. "We're walking by mothers I guess, nannies strolling kids in their stroller and they're looking at me and Miss. Peaches like we're crazy," he explained.

Portnoy had some strong words for these people. "I guarantee you Miss. Peaches is better behaved then your little rat kid," he said. Okay Dave, don't hold back!

It seems that the comments section was on Miss. Peaches' side. "Stroller walks with Miss Peaches are the best, haters gonna hate," wrote one woman. "'Little human rats' I'm with you Dave," someone else agreed. "They’re just jealous Miss Peaches is cuter than their 'rat kids,'" a third commenter chimed in.

Of course, it's not so crazy to put your dog in a stroller — especially if they've been known to refuse to walk on their own. Only days ago Portnoy showed his struggle to get Miss. Peaches to walk on her own. He even tried to put her in a RadioFlyer wagon but nope, she wasn't having it.

"You don't have to lift a foot, Miss. Peaches," he assured her in the clip. Unfortunately within seconds of moving the wagon, Miss. Peaches leapt out of the contraption completely.

"Miss. Peaches said thanks but no thanks," Portnoy joked in the caption.

Miss. Peaches is probably more of an indoor dog. So anything that gets her outside of the house should be considered a win, right?

The dog dad has had his fair share of ups and downs with Miss. Peaches since adopting her on February 14. For the most part, Miss. Peaches is an absolute angel — she loved belly kisses and has the sweetest disposition. But Portnoy has had issues with her stealing his Starbucks — and she ripped his wallet to shreds recently too.

Luckily, we don't think Portnoy is too upset over Miss. Peaches' misdeeds. He's busy being a protective dog dad.

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