Dachshund Puppy Getting Caught Biting Through the Couch Is Too Funny

Owning a puppy seems all glamorous from the outside, but anyone who has raised one will tell you just how many headaches they cause. From accidents happening and constantly cleaning up to endless playtime and stopping them from chewing on household items, there is never a dull moment.

TikTok user @theayars will be the first to say that even though it might seem like a safe option to leave your puppy in a playpen, it isn't. Watch how this TikToker's puppy got caught biting through the couch. It's downright hilarious!

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O.M.G. No! Who knew something so tiny could be so destructive?! We honestly feel bad for laughing because if we were in this dog owner's shoes, we would've been so angry. But then again, how could anyone be angry at this Dachshund puppy? Just look at his adorable face!

We honestly have so many questions as to how this tiny puppy chewed its way through the couch. Did he somehow manage to escape the dog playpen? How did the puppy even know to make a hole in the couch for his own private hideaway? All we know is that this family is in for it as they have a very big troublemaker on their hands already. LOL!

When training a puppy, it's important to never leave anything on the ground as they will find it and likely want to chew it. To hopefully stop this behavior, you'll want to provide your pup with a ton of exercise. A bored puppy, and sometimes even an older dog, will chew. Get outside and walk your pup to tire them out. Plus, walking is great for your health and their health. You can also provide an alternative for your puppy to chew on like a toy they know that is theirs. Give this toy to your puppy whenever you catch them chewing on something they shouldn't be. You can even test your pup to see if they understand what they can and cannot chew by leaving out a pair of shoes in the room. If your dog goes for the shoes instead of the chew toy, say "no" and give them the toy. Keep practicing this exercise daily until they go for their own toy.

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