Video of Newborn Dachshund Puppies Makes Us Believe in Love at First Sight

Newborn puppies are what your timeline needs today.

Ask any dog owner about their puppies growing from new newborn babies to full-grown dogs and they can tell you what a bittersweet journey it is. One minute they are helpless little newborns nursing on their mama and the next they are adorable clumsy little puppies falling over their own feet. 

That's why the video that TikTok user @MotherofDachshunds_ posted is so touching. She captions her video "Not gonna lie, I cry when I watch this. How is it possible to fall so hard in such a short period of time? Why does it have to go by so quickly? Love these boys." Get ready to have your heart melt. 

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@MotherofDachsunds explains in the comments that she took in the mama, Zara, when her owner was too sick to care for her and she wasn't planning on having puppies but she wasn't about to turn them away either. @B asks, "Aww, please tell me you are keeping them?" @MotherofDachsunds explains, "I’m getting shared custody of Chili but the breeder is selling Pinto. Not gonna lie I’ve been crying all day." Awwwww. That's just so touching. @Lisajoesph agrees with us adding, "Omg. Box of tissue please. Such loved pups." 

Sure, puppies are beautiful but add to that the love of their owner and our hearts just can't take it. They are all so lucky to have each other. 

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