Costco Shoppers Have Found A Delicious Way To Eat The New Food Court Cookie

pile of chocolate chip cookies
pile of chocolate chip cookies - Boblin/Getty Images

Costco shoppers were intrigued when the wholesale retailer debuted its Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie. If you've tried to devour this cookie from the Costco food court, you've likely needed to consume it with the same amount of milk you would normally drink with a regular batch of cookies. That's because the food court cookie is absolutely huge. Chocolate chip cookies and milk are a classic combination. But one Costco shopper has shared a different way to enjoy the Double Chocolate Chunk. Just crumble this enormous cookie into a Costco ice cream sundae.

The Costco shopper posted a picture of their concoction on Reddit in a thread titled "Food court cookie trick so good." This looks like an incredibly sweet treat with all kinds of delicious layers and textures. You get cold, fluffy vanilla ice cream, a syrupy chocolate drizzle, and warm, chewy chunks of a super-large chocolate cookie. Some folks have a sweet tooth, but if you crave this, you might have the sweetest tooth ever. And considering just how much Costco shoppers enjoy both treats separately, it's no wonder some have expressed how good they are combined.

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People Like Costco's Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie And Ice Cream Sundae

Ice cream sundae in a clear plastic cup
Ice cream sundae in a clear plastic cup - Kevin Avina/Shutterstock

In another Reddit thread titled "The Costco sundae is so underrated," one user highlighted why the flavor and texture of the wholesaler's ice cream sundaes are so good. They shared, "It's so creamy and luscious to eat and enjoy." In a separate Reddit thread titled "Costco Food Court Double Chocolate Chip Cookie," one commenter described the texture of the pastry as "soft & chewy," while another Redditor said, "I'd try this with a cup of the vanilla ice cream." Thanks to one creative Costco shopper, these two satisfying desserts were finally mixed, and the results are in.

In the "Food court cookie trick so good" Reddit thread, a user who tried the combination of the ice cream sundae and Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie reported a positive review and expressed gratitude for the idea. They shared, "I tried this on Sunday! It's pretty good; thanks for the inspo!" Give this snack a shot if you love sweet treats. If you'd rather substitute the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie for some cake, then try it as a cake and ice cream combination instead.

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