Connecticut Firefighters Race to Rescue Cat Trapped on Balcony After House Fire

Firefighters in Connecticut were busy putting out the flames in a Meridan home when they realized there was a cat on the premises. Their mission quickly turned to rescuing the kitty, who thankfully wasn't injured.

Members of the fire crew worked quickly when they realized their job was far from done.

As a video from ABC News that was later shared to TikTok shows, firefighters had already put out the flames that raged from a private residence when they spotted the cat on a balcony above. The house was severely damaged — thankfully it appears the cat was not.

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Firefighters assembled a ladder right under the balcony and scooped the cat up.

Commenters were thankful that fire crew members were able to save the cat in time. "I don't know why but firefighters saving pets is just that much more heartwarming, like of course people that's their job but animals?? They don't have firefighters so we gotta do it for them," one person pointed out. "Baby still has his whiskers that’s a good sign [the fire] didn’t get too close, hope everyone is okay," someone else added. "And this is why firefighters are beloved! They save lives!!!!" another commenter exclaimed. "Poor baby seems to be in shock… just thinking about how scared it must have been breaks my heart. I’m so glad they noticed and saved her/him!!!" wrote one person.

How to Prepare Your Cat for a House Fire

Every pet owner should have an evacuation plan for when the worst might happen. It always a good idea to have an emergency plan, so make sure your cat in included.

Appoint one person to be responsible for your cats. Everyone should know where cat carriers are, but make one family member in charge of finding them and putting your cats inside.

Ever hear of a "scaredy cat?" Well there is a reason why cats have that reputation. Cats love to hide when there's trouble, so make sure you know all of their favorite hiding spots in the house. You can even set off your fire alarm to see where your cat scurries off to. Make a note of it in case they bolt during the real thing.

Getting your cat microchipped will also help if they run off or get lost. Keep the information in the chip current and make sure it's registered with your phone number and address. You can also use a cat-safe collar with ID tags attached.

It's a good idea to let any fire and rescue crews know that there's an animal in the house if you get separated. There are also special tags you can place on windows that will let any rescue personnel that there are pets on the property.

Fires can be scary, but getting prepared is the best way to stay prepared.

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