Cincinnati Zoo Shares Adorable Baby Hippo Training Session

On Wednesday, August 16, The Cincinnati Zoo shared an adorable clip of how they are training their baby hippo named Fritz with a clicker and one of his favorite treats, lettuce.

Check out this video shared by the TikTok account @Cincinnatizoo to see how precious Fritz is.

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Looking at Fritz, it's hard to believe that one day this cute, pudgy baby is going to grow up to be one of the most dangerous animals on earth. Hippos are responsible for more human deaths on the continent than many other large animals, including lions and elephants. Not our Fritz! Not this baby! Or as TikTok user @Gal asked, "If dangerous and not friend, why slippery friend shaped?" He is our adorable slippery friend!

His trainer explains in the video that all of the things Fritz is learning is so if and when he needs veterinary care he will be easier to treat.

Fritz celebrated his first birthday on August 3, and he also has an older sister named Fiona.

Check out this adorable throwback video of Fritz's first year of life.

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He's so tiny compared to his mama, even though baby hippos typically weigh between 55-120 pounds at birth! The way he rides on her back is just too cute. Baby hippos stay very close to their mamas in the water during their early weeks and months of life. The mother keeps the baby safe, gives them guidance, and supplies nourishment to her calf. It's so hard to believe that one day Fritz will grow up to be over 4,000 pounds.

@Cal comments, "I wish lettuce motivated me in the same way. Admirable, Fritz."

He's such an adorable, smart, slippery baby. Good luck with your continued clicker training, Fritz!

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