Christie Brinkley shares tips on how to live the Hamptons lifestyle from your own home

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Christie Brinkley may have been an "Uptown Girl" at one time, but these days the model and actress is a Hamptons girl.

Christie Brinkley has been spending the pandemic quarantining in her gorgeous Hamptons home with her son, Jack Brinkley Cook; her daughter Alexa Ray Joel; and Joel’s fiancé, Ryan Gleason.

Brinkley tells Yahoo Life that while many may have had to forgo a vacation this summer, she believes you can still immerse yourself in the Hamptons lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. “Even if you can’t get to the beach this summer, it’s important to bloom where you’re planted,” she says.

One of Brinkley’s favorite destinations to visit during summertime is Montauk, N.Y., or as Long Island locals like to call it, “The End.”

“Montauk is a gorgeous little beach town that sits all the way out on the tip of the island,” she says. “It’s one of my favorite places to sit and watch the sunset, sip a glass of wine and listen to great music. I heard John Legend play there last summer and it was epic.”

A pit stop that Brinkley says you cannot miss while in town is the historic Montauk Lighthouse. “It’s located on the cliffs of Montauk Point and the views are incredible,” Brinkley says.

Can’t make it to the Hamptons this year? Take a road trip from home and use your cellphone to explore the Montauk Lighthouse in your own space, with narration from Christie Brinkley.

Model provided by Harkin, an aerial data collection firm based in New York.

While Brinkley acknowledges that the pandemic has kept many from getting out to the beach, she is sharing ideas for turning your backyard into your own Hamptons beach picnic.

Brinkley loves using ingredients from her own garden, as well as her Bellissima sparkling wines, to create original fresh summer snacks and cocktails. Her future son-in-law, who is a restaurateur, helped craft recipes that Brinkley calls “simple, beautiful, summery and delicious.”

Christie Brinkley in her Hamptons backyard with Alexa Ray Joel and Ryan Gleason.
Christie Brinkley in her Hamptons backyard with Alexa Ray Joel and Ryan Gleason.

Watch Christie Brinkley assemble her picnic in the video above and read on for the full recipes.

Christie’s Watermelon Cucumber Salad:


  • Watermelon

  • Cucumber

  • Mint leaves

  • Scallions

  • Raw onion (optional)

  • Feta cheese


  • Mix cubed watermelon and cucumber in a bowl

  • Sprinkle in chopped mint leaves

  • Mix in diced scallion

  • Add chopped raw onion (optional)

  • Sprinkle with crumbled feta

  • Toss with Christie’s Prosecco vinaigrette

Prosecco Vinaigrette:



  • Mix oil & vinegar with a touch of honey

  • Squeeze in some lime juice

  • Mix in Belissima Prosecco

  • Season with salt & pepper

Christie Brinkley's backyard picnic
Christie Brinkley's backyard picnic

Christie’s Elderflower Strawberry Prosecco:



Brinkley’s Bellissima Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine was recently a part of Mark Oldman's Celebrity War of the Sparkling Wines virtual tasting and was voted the favorite. Brinkley’s wine label beat out those of stars like John Legend, Drake, Giuliana Rancic, among others. For more from Christie Brinkley, catch her on QVC with Bellissima Prosecco on Sept. 23, 2020.

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