Christie Brinkley makes a blender blunder while crafting a cocktail that doubles as dessert

If you’re feeling stressed, chances are you might be cooking for comfort — and if you’re looking for a recipe that’s delicious but also uses ingredients that are organic, vegan and sugar-free, Christie Brinkley’s got you covered.

Bonus: It’s a treat that does double-duty as a dessert and a cocktail.

“We’re stressed out,” Brinkley tells Yahoo Life in the video series Cooking for Comfort. “We could all use a drink, so I am here to make sure that you have a really good one.”

The actress and model shared her simple recipe for a grapefruit granita, which is similar to a sorbet, but with a fluffier and crunchier icy texture.


To make the granita, Brinkley blends frozen grapefruit juice, then mixes it with her organic, vegan Bellissima Prosecco, which comes in three expressions — a sparkling rosé, a brut and a zero-sugar sparkling wine.

Brinkley’s advice for blending? “Don’t forget to put the lid on!”

Watch Christie Brinkley make her grapefruit granita in the video above, and read on for the full recipe.

Christie Brinkley’s Grapefruit Granita Cocktail


  • Frozen grapefruit juice

  • Bella Sprizz Aperitif Liqueur

  • Bellissima Prosecco Sparkling Rosé

  • Sprig of fresh mint (optional)


  • Purée the frozen grapefruit juice in a blender.

  • Portion out the mixture into a cocktail glass. Using the back of an ice cream scooper, press gently into the mixture so it forms a little cup. Pour the Bella Sprizz into the cup, then add the Bellissima Prosecco Sparkling Rosé.

  • Garnish the drink with a sprig of fresh mint.

  • Since March, Brinkley has donated 30% of all Bellissima Prosecco’s sales to Direct Relief, which supplies PPE and masks to hospitals and healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

  • For more information on Bellissima Prosecco’s COVID-19 relief, visit the website. For more Christie Brinkley, catch her on QVC with Bellissima Prosecco in June.

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