Celebrate The Solar Eclipse With An Out-Of-This-World Doughnut From Krispy Kreme

The Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut will be available in stores April 5-8.

<p>Krispy Kreme</p>

Krispy Kreme

What better way to celebrate the total solar eclipse than with a bit of Southern fanfare? On Monday, April 8, five Southern states (and eight others) will have the best view of the total solar eclipse—the only eclipse this century to pass through the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This historic event has folks booking trips into the path of totality for watch parties and businesses advertising quirky specials—even an eclipse-themed Delta flight from Austin to Detroit.

And of course, there are always themed doughnuts from our favorite Southern doughnut chain.

Never one to miss a holiday, Krispy Kreme just announced that they will be selling an Oreo-laden Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut in honor of the grand event. Thankfully, you won’t need protective eyewear to enjoy this galactic treat. It’s the second time that the Charlotte, North Carolina-based chain is getting into the solar spirit; in 2017, they “eclipsed” warm Original Glazed doughnuts in chocolate glaze to mark the occasion.

The Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut is a classic Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut dipped in black chocolate icing topped with silver sprinkles, Oreo buttercream (representing the sun), and a whole Oreo cookie (the moon) in the center.

<p>Krispy Kreme</p>

Krispy Kreme

“Eclipses are rare and so is our out-of-this-world Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme. “Even if you can’t be in the path of totality you can get in the path of these treats, which you will eat in totality.” It’s a little corny, sure, but who better than Southerners to show up with party-worthy goodies for family and friends?

Total Solar Eclipse Doughnuts will be available at Krispy Kreme in stores and for pick-up or delivery through the app and website from Friday, April 5 through Monday, April 8 while supplies last. The doughnuts are sold individually or as a specialty dozen (six Total Solar Eclipse doughnuts and six Original Glazed doughnuts).

Krispy Kreme’s sweet space-themed legacy dates back 1969 when they served up Original Glazed doughnuts in celebration of NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission to the moon. In 2021, the chain created a Mars doughnut to celebrate the landing of NASA’s Perseverance Rover as well as a Strawberry Supermoon doughnut. In 2022, they created an Artemis Moon Doughnut in honor of NASA’s Artemis I flight around the moon.

Whether you’re keeping an eye out for the Devil Comet or have been waiting seven years for another total solar eclipse, a little chocolate in honor of the moon never hurt.

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