Capybara Pups 'Thriving and Diving' at San Diego Zoo Are Capturing Hearts Left and Right

If you feel like your social media timelines have all of a sudden included nothing but Capybaras, you’re not alone. An article from Dazed Digital reported that the term ‘Capybara’ on Google Trends began to rise in August 2021, skyrocketed in May 2022, and has remained consistent ever since. People across the internet are obsessing over the world’s largest rodents. We mean, who wouldn’t be? They’re downright adorable.

That’s why this video shared by the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance to X, previously known as Twitter, quickly earned a special place in our hearts. Four Capybara pups were seen “thriving and diving” at the zoo. Prepare yourself for this cuteness overload.

Shut the front door! We’ve already watched this clip on a continuous loop because well, we can’t get enough of their preciousness. Like come on, look at their tiny paws splashing away in the water. The San Diego Zoo welcomed these four Capybara pups last month. The baby animals were born to second-time mother Rosalina and first-time father Bowie, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

These animals, known to be the largest rodent in the world, live in South America. They can weigh as much as 145 pounds. Capybaras are social creatures and semi-aquatic. Researchers used to believe these animals were most closely related to Pigs, which is why their scientific name means "water pig." But, Capybaras are actually closely related to Guinea Pigs.

We can't be the only ones who have dreamed of owning a pet Capybara, but unfortunately, they aren't legal to own in every state. Sounds like we'll be moving to either Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Washington, Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, or Tennessee to make our dreams become a reality. LOL!

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