Animals' 'Selfies' at the San Diego Zoo Have Us Ready to Book a Visit

We can't decide which is our favorite!

Thanks to their huge facility and important conservation efforts, the San Diego Zoo has been one of the country's most famous zoos for years. The organization keeps finding new ways to educate the public about wildlife while providing the animals with top-notch care. This time, some of the zoo's residents took to TikTok to participate in the viral 'phone hack camera roll' video trend.

Let's just say--the animals slayed their selfies! They may have each had a slightly different reaction to the camera, but every single one is too cute to miss.

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Just look at them! We can't decide whose 'selfie' we love most--so we suppose we'll just have to take a trip to San Diego to visit them all! Still, some of the commenters had favorite animals from the video, and we loved to see all the appreciation for these creatures.

"Super cool to see y’all include the Przewalski," wrote @caitlinjwoods. It certainly isn't a well-known animal! The endangered horse species can be seen at the very end of the video, though some of the Zoo's most popular residents appeared from the very start. 

@Bhavanas_12 got a kick out of "the way the rhino got spooked," for example. Wasn't it just adorable? We love that each animal had a different expression in their selfies--it shows their personalities! 

Blippi the clown--from the identically-named children's TV program-- called this video "the BEST," and we'd have to agree. The wildlife experts at the San Diego are seriously amazing!