Cake of the Day: Rainbow Cake


Photo: Taruna Deepak

This trippy cake comes from Taruna Deepak of the food blog Easy Food Smith. Living in Mumbai, India, Deepak spent years working at a demanding corporate job when she decided to retire the briefcase and raise her daughter. Since then, she’s developed a passion for sharing food recipes with Northern Indian flare like her spicy pancake with green pea chutney or masala spiced roasted beet lassi.

However, she does occasionally give in to her daughter’s tastes, which brings us to this multi-layered rainbow cake. She makes a simple vanilla cake batter and splits it into six bowls. Each bowl is dyed with a separate food color from VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green yellow, orange red). Starting with the purple-dyed batter, she pours it into the center of a cake pan. The blue batter is then poured directly on top, and is repeated again with green and the rest of the colors. She then bakes a second cake with the same colors but flips the order, ROYGBIV. Deepak stacks the two with white icing in between and covers it entirely with fresh cream. Decorate the top with your favorite candy and there you have it — a slice of cake that will have you tasting the rainbow!

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