Cake of the Day: Masala Chai Apple Cake

·Assistant Food Editor

Photo: Nik Sharma

A Brown Table's talented blogger Nik Sharma moved to the States from Bombay to pursue a career as a molecular geneticist. 

His story could easily stop there and be impressive enough. But just a few months ago, Sharma dropped everything. He wanted to follow his dream “to be able to create good food that people enjoy by bringing together flavors from different parts of the world.” He’s living that dream now, apprenticing at San Francisco patisserie Sugar Butter Flour. “It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made,” he wrote to us in an email.

Now to Sharma’s cake! He soaks Darjeeling tea leaves in boiled water and then reduces the mixture to a sauce-like consistency; that’s what flavors the creamy yogurt cake batter, as well as cardamom, black peppercorns, cloves, and star anise. Finally, he folds in grated Granny Smith apples. The mixture makes for a rustic, rich, and delicious cake that he simply tops with powdered sugar.

We’re glad the story goes on, Sharma. 

Get the recipe:  Masala Chai Apple Cake

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