Cake of the Day: Caramel Grape Pound Cake

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Photo: Sneh Roy

The grape is often overlooked when it comes to cooking, but the versatile fruit can be grilled, added to salads, and frozen into sorbets. Today, Sneh Roy shows they can be baked into cakes too. Roy is a mother, designer, and food photographer living in Sydney, Australia, and is the the voice behind the popular food blog Cook Republic. The enthusiastic baker is known for recipes that feed the soul, as well as the stunning photos that go with them (you can see both highlighted to great effect in her first cookbook Tasty Express). So let’s talk about how she came to make this delicious pound cake.

“Grapes fare well when paired with ingredients that tone down their sweetness and in doing so accentuate their glorious taste,” writes Roy. “Having tried every fruit out there as a topping for my pound cake, a grape pound cake seemed like the next logical thing to do.”

Roy begins by mixing together butter, coconut sugar, eggs, sour cream, and lemon zest. (The coconut sugar lends the cake a caramel note.) She pours the mixture into a loaf pan and places on top red seedless grapes that have been tossed with flour. Then she bakes it until the outside turns a golden brown. The final touch: “a gentle dusting of icing sugar suffices for this dense cake, which was made for baking, packing away in a container, and bringing along to a picnic in the sun.”

Get the recipe: Caramel Grape Pound Cake 


Photo: Sneh Roy

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