Bruce Willis' Wife Gives Honest Update Amid His Dementia Battle: 'I'm Not Good'

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Bruce Willis' wife, Emma Heming Willis, is providing an update on how she's doing amid her husband's current health situation.

The former model has served as the actor's caregiver since his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, which was publicly revealed by his family in February.

In a new Instagram video, the Make Time Wellness founder tearfully sent a message to fellow "care partners," letting it be known that although she may look like she's handling it all well, it's nowhere near easy.

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The 45-year-old started the clip by addressing why it is she previously asked people in a position similar to hers to send her photos of "something beautiful," which, she noted, are making her "so happy."

“I just think it’s so important for us to sort of break up our thinking, which can feel, for me, very much like doom and gloom,” she admitted.

“I know it looks like I’m out living my best life. I have to make a conscious effort every single day to live the best life that I can,” she said, adding that it's not only for herself, but for her and the Red star's two children, and for "Bruce, who would not want me to live any other way."

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She furthered her transparent message by explaining, "I don't want it to be misconstrued that I'm good, because I'm not. I'm not good, but I have to put my best foot forward for the sake of myself and my family."

The pair wed in 2009, later welcoming daughters Mabel Ray, 11, and Evelyn Penn, 9.

In the caption of the August 14 social media post, the Malta-born entrepreneur made her intentions for the update clear.

"This is a care partner PSA 🔊 My message is simple. When we are not looking after ourselves, we are no good to the people we love who we want to show up for and take care of," she wrote in the caption of the upload.

Heming Willis continued: "I don’t have this down to a fine-science either, but I try. It’s an affirmation I use daily so it’s kept in the forefront of my mind. Your pictures, words of support and love for me and my family were felt. Honestly, thank you, it helps 🙏🏽I ask that you’ll consider to keep looking for that one beautiful thing or moment in your day 💞 And I hope you can take me seriously in my dopey hat 😁#carepartner #ftdawareness #dementiaawareness."

In the comment section of the upload, Bruce's adult daughter Tallulah, 29—whom he shares with Demi Moore, along with Rumer, 34, and Scout, 32—penned a sweet sentiment in response to her stepmother's snippet. "I love you. I love the hat. I love your words," she wrote.

Several others also sent in support, with two Instagram followers writing, "This is a brutal and heart wrenching walk. Hugs and prayers," and "May you receive all LIGHT that God can offer every second of your life. Because surely your light will affect everyone close to you❤️🌟🙏🏻," respectively.

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