Fans Praise Demi Moore's Daughter for Driving Old SUV Despite Wealth

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Scout Willis likes to keep things simple, even when it comes to the car she drives.

Despite being the daughter of two of Hollywood's biggest film stars, Scout apparently doesn't let any level of fame keep her from living an ordinary life.

As seen in one of her recent Instagram posts, the 32-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis showed off the unexpected type of car she drives: a very old Lexus SUV. Scout's well-used whip caught some of her fans by surprise, considering the background she—along with her sisters, Rumer and Tallulah—grew up with as self-proclaimed nepo babies.

Scout even addressed the naysayers who couldn't believe she would drive such an old car by including a meme in her post that read, "I wish all the people who felt the need to rudely comment about how this couldn't possibl[y] be my car...a very pleasant 'you were wrong.'"

Tons of her fans seemed to be pleased by the revelation, with many praising Scout for remaining so down to earth despite her proximity to the world of fame.

"An old soul car for an old soul gal xo ❤️," one of her followers wrote in the comments, while someone else simply called Scout an "ICON" for the relatable post.

"It’s one of the many reasons we love you. 🫶," another user added.

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"It’s called duality, look it up, ciao," Scout captioned the post, which also showed off the chic outfit she was wearing, including a tiny red mini dress and leather black boots.

"Nice car, and nice boots!" one person wrote under the snap.

Another fan called Scout, "The dreamiest girl in the dreamiest boots."

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