Black Panther Playing in the Snow Is Giving off Major Winter Vibes

Shutterstock/Melinda Nagy

Do you like playing in the snow? I'm not a fan of the cold, white stuff, but when we lived in the Midwest, my kids would stay out and play in it all day long. @Luna the Pantera is a panther who was adopted by a Russian woman and is now her pet. Luna's mom posted a video of Luna enjoying the first snow of the year, and it's clear that she's a fan of it!

The video was posted on Wednesday, November 8th on Instagram, and I've watched it at least 5 times! The video starts with Luna running up to mom, and then dropping down into the snow and rolling around on her back. The black panther is turning herself white! She then jumps off and runs off, clearly happy to be bouncing through the snow.

I don't even like the snow and now I want to play in it! I could watch @Luna play all day. She loves the snow, which is good because living in Russia, they get a lot of it! Luna also has a bestie, a gorgeous Rottweiler named Venza, and mom posted a video on TikTok of the two of them playing together in the snow. It's absolutely adorable!

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Commenters loved the video, too. @Pompon_I_2019 said, "Luna seems delighted that winter is here, which is good because it has settled in for a while"! @ivananaskova pointed out, "She is just one big kitty"! @calliebell94 shared "When a panther wants to be a snow leopard!"

Like I said, I could watch Luna all day. She's absolutely beautiful and she's so playful like a very big cat. Her relationship with her mom and her bestie is so special. She may not be a normal pet, but she is definitely a very loved one!

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