Bike Runs Away From Embarrassing Crash

There have been many videos of mountain bike crashes on the internet, but very few tell as perfect a story of one recent crash.

Watch Max Mcleod's bike do a roll and ghost ride away after he crashed on a drop below.

In this video, Max was attempting a drop when he missed the take-off and slammed over the wood. His bike did a full forward roll and kept on rolling. Wild stuff!

This bike riding down the hill almost looks like it wants to get away from its owner because it crashes too much.

The reason bikes ghost ride so well is fascinating. Bikes are designed to self-stabilize. This means that when a bike leans one way, the wheel automatically turns that direction causing the bike to balance itself. Read more about the phenomenon below.

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Thankfully Max can be heard saying “I’m fine” in the background of the video.

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