Baklava in Cake Form by Little Upside Down Cake


Photo: Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo

Raised in Yugoslavia, Sanda Vuckovi Pagaimo is the woman behind organic food blog Little Upside Down Cake. Growing up, Pagaimo was a math nerd, leading her to a job in IT. Eventually, though, her passion for food and photography took over, and she traded computers for cakes. She now very happily teaches photography in Portugal.

As for the sweet treat pictured here: “Every Bosnian family has its own recipe” for baklava, says Pagaimo. ”The differences may not be significant, but every woman is proud of her own baklava.” Her version is significantly different, though: It’s a cake! While the ingredients are relatively classic, the shape is notit’s round instead of rectangular—and it’s intended to be sliced into large, cake-like wedges instead of bite-size finger foods. Pagaimo combines ground walnuts, sugar, lemon zest, sour cream, and raisins, then she layers the mixture with sheets of phyllo dough, and finally she bakes it all for 30 minutes. “My family now has its own recipe,” she says.

Get this Recipe: Baklava Cake


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