Amy Schumer’s Political Purse Gets the Message Across

(Graphic: Quinn Lemmers/Yahoo Style)
(Graphic: Quinn Lemmers/Yahoo Style)

Amy Schumer is not known for her subtlety when it comes to any topic. And lately, this openness especially applies to politics, which is why it makes perfect sense for her to own a purse with electro luminescent lights that spell “NASTY WOMAN” and “PRO CHOICE.”

The comedienne posted a Boomerang to Instagram showcasing her new accessory, a black handbag with pink lights. It was designed by Swedish-American conceptual artist Michele Pred, who knew Schumer owned the bag but had no idea she’d be promoting it. “That Pro Choice/Nasty Woman Purse is an edition of 10 (all on different purses),” Pred tells Yahoo Style.

So, do the lights mean Schumer has to walk around with a cord dangling from her bag just to get her message across? Not exactly. “The piece is made with electro luminescent wire that I sewed in and is operated with a battery, the lights can be set to constant or flash,” she says. “All the purses I use are vintage and are limited edition art pieces sold at Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York.”

She’s not exactly a fashion designer but she’s made other wearables that she considers “portable artworks, like small scale mobile billboards.” Hillary Clinton also owns one that says “VOTE” that was given to her by one of Pred’s collectors. That purse is part of a series titled “Pred-a-Porter,” Pred says.

She also adorned a bulletproof vest with “My Body My Business” in the same electro luminescent wire. Her current exhibition at Project for Empty Space in Newark features a wall of purses that illuminate the different percentages women make according to their racial background compared to white men.

Obviously, as women’s rights are being threatened under the new administration and more people are speaking up, Pred’s pieces are getting more attention. “I have actually received a good amount of attention previously for my feminist work but am receiving more now,” she said. “I am also committed to donating part of my proceeds to NARAL and Planned Parenthood and have been doing that for the last two years. Last month alone I donated $2000 to Planned Parenthood from a one evening event.”

Pred hopes to partner with a major handbag designer like Marc Jacobs or Fendi to make a limited edition version of her purses and donate most of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

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