Does anyone care about birthday party goody bags anymore? The internet is divided

We've all been there: that one topic that has our group chats spending hours debating and our social media feeds fired up. For "The Internet's Divided" segment on Hoda & Jenna, wants to hear your opinion on the latest topics that people can't stop talking about. Catch up on all the latest conundrums below — and cast your vote in our polls now! We'll be sharing the results LIVE on the show.

Are you a Black SUV mom, or a white SUV mom? Yes, there's a difference

PTO moms. Crunchy moms. Almond moms. Wine moms. Helicopter moms. Hot mess moms. Influencer moms. Sports moms. The internet is always looking for ways to divide moms into categories, and the latest trend is fueled by the color of your car.

But not just any car — your SUV. Paige Craig, mom of three, demonstrates the connection between car color and personality in a TikTok video that has been viewed 4.6 million times and counting.

So ... are you a black SUV mom or a white SUV mom? Read more about this theory here and vote below.

Goody bags: The great debate

Recently,'s Parents reporter Rosie Colosi wrote an essay exploring the pros and...mostly cons about birthday party goody bags.

"Pencils. Slime. Kazoos. Bubbles. Generic Slinkies that don’t work. Squishies that will become hairballs within 48 hours. Tiny cars you’ll eventually step on later," she writes. "Just the thought makes me shudder. After eight years of being a mom, I’ve decided that there is no such thing as a “good” goody bag."

Do you agree? Vote below!

Sour Patch Oreos ... sweet, or sour idea?

Two giants of the sugar-based snack industry are teaming up for a sweetly sour treat.

Recently, exclusively reported that Oreo is releasing a new flavor — and it’s calling on the most mischievous of all candies for an exciting sweet and sour collaboration: Oreo Sour Patch Kids cookies.

But is this flavor combination sweet...or sour? Let us know your thoughts.

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