Alligator in Louisiana Waiting for Dollar General To Open Is Such a Vibe

Alligators are known to be predators in the wild and certainly not a pet you can or want to keep around in your backyard, but they also have their own quirky personalities.

In a Twitter post, Atlanta's news station @WSB-TV posted a photo of an alligator who decided to visit a Dollar General in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, in the wee hours of August 29, and it's a look. Let's see for ourselves!

It's a big one, too!

Imagine going to work that morning and finding your first customer to be an alligator!

I'd be shocked.

According to WITN, the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Department caught the alligator sitting outside the Dollar General, as they were contacted before the store opened and were quite surprised, to say the least.

Deputy Tony Palmisano said, as he took a photo of the reptile, that it looked like it was "patiently waiting for the Dollar General to open this morning."

It sure does.

Maybe he wanted to get some snacks for the road.

It's unclear how and why the alligator decided to stop at the store, but Plaquemines Parish, which is located just south of New Orleans, is known for its abundant alligator population, so it's no surprise to find them in the most random places, such as in front of a store.

Keep in mind that while alligators are generally shy and avoid humans, they can become more aggressive if they are fed or habituated to people. That being said, alligators don't make great pets, and it's important to maintain a safe distance and avoid feeding wild alligators, as this behavior can lead to conflicts and potentially dangerous situations.

If you're unsure about how to handle an alligator, it's always better to call animal control or wildlife rescue, especially if the alligator is larger than 4 feet in length.

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