Adorable Hedgehog Enjoying the Sun Is the Definition of Chill

With winter in full effect, many of us are daydreaming about the coming spring and summer months, and the warmth that comes with them. That's probably what made me stop scrolling on Mundo Erizos' (translates to Hedgehog World) video that was shared on Monday, January 29th. It's absolutely adorable!

The video is only about 20 seconds long, but it is so cute! We see a little hedgehog sitting outside enjoying the sun. There are two different clips, but in each one they are wearing sunglasses, each has a beach umbrella and little beach chair, and both are enjoying a snack. In one clip, it even has tiny flip flops on! Watch until the end when the hedgehog says enough is enough!

Isn't this the cutest?! I wasn't the only one who thought the little hedgehogs were adorable - @Hedgehog World's video has been viewed more than 20 million times, has over 3 million likes, and coming up on 16 thousand comments. It went viral because it's cuteness overload! @Kimmy shouted, "HIS FLIP FLOPS!" which was exactly the first thing I noticed! I laughed at @Luisa Torres who pointed out, "He yeeted the strawberry like “This ain’t real!”!"

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Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?

While hedgehogs are certainly cute, a pet hedgehog is not for everyone. When we lived in Indiana, my son wanted one, so we did some research on them. The first thing we learned is that they are not legal to have in every state (they were legal in Indiana, they are not here in Georgia where we now live), so check to see if they're legal in yours if you are considering getting one.

Hedgehogs are considered an exotic pet, which can make finding veterinary care for them difficult. They can be sensitive to cooler and cold temperatures. They are nocturnal, so if you do get one you'll have to keep it where you won't be able to hear it rustling around all night long. They're also messy.

Some other hedgehog facts to know include the fact that hedgehogs are not social animals and prefer to be left alone for the most part. Until they get to know you and you work with them, they spend a lot of time curled up in a ball. They don't need a lot of attention, but do love to explore, so letting them out of their cage to check things out and get some exercise is important. They get stressed out easily, so if you have small children anxious to play with them, a hedgehog might not be the right pet for you.

After talking to someone who had a pet hedgehog, it was clear to my son that it wasn't the pet for him. There are always pros and cons to owning any animal, so make sure you do your own research to find the right pet for your family.

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