Hedgehog's Tiny Little Sneeze Has Us Totally Obsessed

This might be the cutest thing we've ever heard.

Sneezes come in all different shapes and sizes. No two people sneeze the same exact way, and a truly unique sneeze can become as much of an identifier as your name and face. When this one little animal sneezed, it was so cute that no one could forget it, and it went viral for this reason.

TikTok user @vieandluna recently shared a video of their pet hedgehog, Olu, laying in her owner's lap on her back. In the video, Olu lets out a tiny little sneeze that we can't get enough of. Check out the video to see how adorable this moment was!

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Oh my goodness, Olu is just precious, and we are totally obsessed. We could listen to that little sneeze on repeat all day!

People in the comments can't believe how cute Olu is. @angelawhite6737 said, "Well just look at you, aren't you just a cute one," and @gillybean54 commented, "Awww how adorable...so, so cute that little sneeze." We just love hearing small creatures make these innocent and gentle sounds!

Others couldn't believe how lovely and delicate Olu's paws are. @i_wlson commented, "I want to hold her tiny little hand," and @kerrytdot said, "Her hands are so cute." Those little hands are smaller than one of our fingers!

Olu is adorable, and it was so interesting to hear how she sneezes! However, despite the cuteness levels, we hope this is a one time sneeze and Olu isn't catching a cold. We want to keep this baby as healthy as possible!

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