Adorable Cockatiel Can’t Resist Getting His Groove on to Disco Tunes

Have you ever walked in on your pet having fun without you? Kiki the Cockatiel recently decided to have a disco dance party without her mom, and mom was jealous when she found her! Kiki's mom shared the video at the end of April, and it'll make you want to get your groove on.

The video starts with Kiki's mom walking into the room to find the bird on top of the TV whistling and dancing to Earth, Wind, and Fire's 'September' video. Kiki clearly loves the song, and she is totally jamming out to it! Make sure your sound is on so you can watch and listen to Kiki as she shakes her tail feathers to her favorite song!

If that didn't bring a little joy to your day, I don't know what would! Viewers loved Kiki's video and it's racked up more than 6.5 million views and more than 7 thousand comments. People had a lot to say about it! @J-Mel-C got more than 12 thousand likes when he pointed out, "That bird got soul!" @Kris10Dee said, "I swear that bird was smiling!" and @Riley got more than 13.5 thousand likes for his comment, "I love how basically every cockatiel comes from the factory knowing this song."

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Birds Love to Dance

Believe it or not, this isn't Kiki's first viral video of her dancing to this jam. She loves this song and regularly whistles it. She has other viral videos; one with 269 million views, another with nearly 110 million, and one when she woke mom up dancing and singing in the middle of the night got almost 33 million views. People can't get enough of the disco dancing bird!

Did you know that birds love music, and almost all of them will sing and dance to it? Of course, birds don't understand the lyrics to songs like we do but they do react to music. Researchers at Emory University found that when birds hear birdsongs, they respond to the music similarly to how people do. Pathways that the human brain employs when it listens to music are the same ones that a bird brain employs. Pretty cool, huh? This explains why parrots love to sing and dance so much!

Speaking of getting your groove on, how can you tell if your bird is enjoying a tune? They dance! They bob and weave, move back and forth, and display other physical responses to songs just like we do. They might not be on beat with the music, but you can tell they're enjoying it. And like Kiki does, they'll whistle the tune or if they're a talking parrot, they may even sing the words. My parents have had an Amazon parrot for more than 40 years and he knows the words to several different songs. He also makes up his own lyrics!

If you have a bird, make sure to play all types of music for it so that you can figure out which genre it likes the best. Surprisingly, some birds actually prefer one genre over the other and some birds dislike certain genres. Once you have figured out their favorites, play the same songs over and over and before you know it, your bird will be singing those lyrics just like Kiki!

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