75 Weirdly Interesting Facts That Are So Fascinating It Feels Like My Brain Grew Two Sizes

One thing I love is filling my brain with fun, strange, and unique facts that I may or may not ever use. Honestly, learning these weird facts is more for me than anything, but I won't lie and say it doesn't help when you need to conjure up some small talk at a social function. Like, I cannot tell you how many times I've told a near-stranger that kangaroos are left-handed (just like me!) and that Harry Styles has four nipples.

That said, here are some interesting, weird, and genuinely interesting facts that might sound fake but are totally true:

1.Germany has more castles than there are McDonald's in the United States. Yep, you heard that right. Germany is estimated to have 25,000 castles, and there are around 13,000 McDonald's locations in America.

Neon-lit McDonald's sign with iconic golden arches at night
Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

2.In Washington state, there's a real-life law stating it's illegal to kill bigfoot and other sasquatch-like creatures. And you know what? Good for them.

3.Dogs are one of the three deadliest animals in the UK. The other two are bees and cows.

A dog dressed in a costume with floral decorations and a hat at an event
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4.Sloths are slow in everything they do — including digestion. Because they digest foods so slowly, they basically have to breathe out their farts because they can't *actually* fart.

A sloth hanging from a branch with its baby clinging to its chest

If a bunch of gas builds up in a sloth's intestines, it could get sick and potentially even burst. Rather than farting, the gases are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and are then respired out of the lungs.

Talk about morning breath.

Kevin Schafer / Getty Images

5.There are caves in Missouri that store 1.4 billion pounds of government-owned cheese. Located deep in the Ozark Mountains in limestone-converted mines, the caves are kept at a perfect 36ºF. As someone who's lactose intolerant, my stomach is in knots just thinking about it.

6.This one actually made me do a double-take: Cornflakes were invented to suppress sexual impulses and desires.

Two vintage Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal boxes, one advertising a free bubble blower inside

7.Cockroach dust plays a part in why so many inner-city children have asthma.

8.A single cloud can weigh about 550 tons or more.

9.Believe it or not, Canadians eat more Kraft macaroni and cheese than Americans. Like, 55% more.

Shelves stocked with boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese
Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

10.Giraffes in the wild only sleep for around five minutes at a time. Because of the dangers they face in the wild, not only do they sleep while standing, but they also sleep intermittently so that they're prepared to run at any given moment. If keeping watch for a giraffe as they slept was a job, I'd apply in a heartbeat.

11.Snoop Dogg's government name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.

Snoop Dogg holding his album "Tha Doggfather" in a music store with posters in the background
Raymond Boyd / Getty Images

12.Despite being four inches long, the mantis shrimp throws the fastest punch in the world. Look out, Jake Paul.

Mantis shrimp on the ocean floor with its prominent eyes and patterned exoskeleton

13.In Switzerland, owning only one guinea pig or parrot is illegal.

14.If you're drunk or violent in Japan, police will take a plastic sheet and roll you up like a burrito.

A Japanese flag hangs in front of a police station with signage in Japanese characters

Police in Japan rarely ever resort to violence, as they choose to de-escalate the situation at hand first. After the wrapping, police will take the drunk or violent person to the station to let them calm down.

Sopa Images / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

15.If they wanted to, Clownfish could change their sex, including reproductive organs, through an irreversible process.

16.No one commits to the bit better than Toni Collete. When she was a teen, she faked having appendicitis to get out of going to school so well that she actually got her appendix taken out.

Person smiling for the camera, wearing a floral patterned top and a dark jacket with shiny lapels
Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

17.There's a rare neurological disorder called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, which is a condition related to how you perceive your body, the world around you, or both.

18.A grizzly bear's bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball, but that won't stop my first instinct from being, "Aww, look how cute!"

A bear standing in water surrounded by floating leaves
Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

19.Twice a month, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport brings in miniature horses to help calm the nerves of people with flying anxiety.

20.Male ducks have corkscrew-shaped penises.

21.Miss Piggy's original name was going to be Piggy Lee.

Miss Piggy puppet with pearls and feather boa

Fabulous either way.

Tv Times / TV Times via Getty Images

22.If you say you're not afraid of anything, I have some news for you: Humans are innately born with the fear of falling and loud noises. Whatever other fears one may have are shaped or learned with experience.

23.Considering gelatin is made up of animal skin and bones, gummy worms technically have more bones than actual worms (since worms don't have any).

Assorted gummy candies and jelly beans in a pile
Sondrap / Getty Images

24.Lady Gaga, bless her heart, once spent $50K on a ghost detector.

Lady Gaga wearing a pink outfit with unique eyelashes, fixing her hair at an event
Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

25.To protect themselves from their super-strong pecks, woodpeckers wrap their tongues around their brains. What a cool party trick.

26.For her role in Winter's Bone, Jennifer Lawrence learned how to skin a squirrel.

27.Pound cake is called that because the original recipe used one pound of each ingredient.

A lemon drizzle cake with icing on top, on a white plate
Kaorinne / Getty Images

28.In the Great Barrier Reef, there's a coral reef that's taller than the Empire State Building.

29.Male giraffes will taste a female giraffe's urine to see if she is ready to mate. Even in the animal kingdom, men cannot mind their business.

Giraffe standing alone in the center of a dirt road with bushes and trees in the background
Anadolu / Anadolu via Getty Images

30.On average, lightning strikes Earth 100 times per second.

31.It saddens me to report that Winnie the Pooh was banned from a Polish playground because the honey-obsessed bear doesn't wear pants. As if it's his fault!

Winnie the Pooh and friends in a whimsical parade; Tigger bounces near Pooh holding a Hunny pot
United Archives / FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images

32.Attempting to get kids to eat more vegetables, McDonald's engineer bubblegum-flavored broccoli. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't a hit.

33.Blue whales are the baddies of the ocean (sorry, orcas), and if I were a sea creature, I would never, ever tussle with one, especially considering a blue whale's tongue alone can weigh more than an elephant.

Aerial view of a whale swimming in the ocean, with water ripples around it
Vw Pics / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

34.Due to their genes, redheads need about 20% more anesthesia than non-redheads.

35.I literally never thought about Barbie being called anything other than Barbie, but her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Barbie dolls in various outfits ranging from casual to glamorous positioned on an orange surface
4imagens / Getty Images

36.There are more possible chess game variations than atoms in the universe.

37.The warty comb jellyfish doesn't have an anus, so when it needs to poop, its gut fuses with an outer layer of its "skin" to create a hole in its body. After the deed is done, the hole closes right back up.

38.In Thailand, there's an annual Monkey Buffet Festival where residents of Lopburi leave 4.5 tons of fruit, veggies, and other treats to honor the approximately 3,000 monkeys that live near the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple. Way better than Coachella, IMO.

Monkey standing at a buffet of assorted fruits, drinking from a soda can, surrounded by other monkeys
Pornchai Kittiwongsakul / AFP via Getty Images

39.I was pleased to find out that a buttload is an actual unit of measurement! One buttload is equivalent to 126 gallons of wine.

40.Back in the day, Victorians ate arsenic to get a paler complexion.

41.There's a church decorated with the bones of 40,000 people in Czechia.

Decorative column adorned with sculpted skulls and bones in an ornate setting
Dea / De Agostini via Getty Images

42.Sharks were roaming the planet before Saturn's rings formed. With this information, this is a shark's world, and we're all just living in it.

43.There are more fake flamingos in the world than real ones.

Plastic pink flamingos of various sizes displayed on grass
Ddea / Getty Images/iStockphoto

44.Humans typically produce 0.5 to 1.5 liters of saliva every day.

45.Crocodiles can gallop like horses do.

46.If you're afraid to go into the ocean because of sharks, you might want to avoid hotel hallways and break rooms, because vending machines are twice as likely to kill you.

Person standing in front of a snack vending machine, considering options

47.Though dead bones are dry and brittle, living bones are wet and a bit soft. In order to absorb pressure, bones are also slightly flexible. Up to one-third of a living bone's weight is water.

48."Gnurr" is the term used to describe the lint that collects at the bottom of your pockets.

49.Scotland's national animal is a unicorn.

Protesters with large unicorn puppet amongst Scottish flags on a city street
Andy Buchanan / AFP via Getty Images

50.The closest US state to Africa is Maine.

51.If you sneeze uncontrollably after being suddenly exposed to bright light or intense sunlight, you might have inherited a genetic trait called Achoo Syndrome.

52.Armadillos almost always give birth to identical quadruplets.

An armadillo with its baby, both walking on soil
Anadolu / Anadolu via Getty Images

53.As long as you legally obtain human flesh or limbs, cannibalism is allowed in the Netherlands.

54.The short-horned lizard squirts blood out of its eyes — at a distance of up to three feet — to confuse predators. However, the blood contains a chemical that makes dogs, wolves, and coyotes noxious. Love that.

Bearded dragon lizard sitting on a rock
Kike Calvo / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

55.A rainbow on Venus is called a "glory."

56.Frogs use their eyes to help them swallow their meals. When a frog swallows food, its eyes pull down to the roof of their mouth to help push the food down its throat.

57.Human brains are constantly eating themselves. To "cleanse" the system, cells will smother and consume smaller cells or molecules in a process called phagocytosis.

58.The fear of long words is called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. After seeing that, I'm scared, too.

Person reading braille text with their finger on an open book
Jgi / Getty Images/Tetra images RF

59.Ants don't have lungs. Instead, they breathe through tiny holes on the sides of their bodies called spiracles.

60.When lightning strikes, the air it passes through can reach up to 50,000ºF — five times hotter than the sun's surface.

61.Due to thermal expansion, the Eiffel Tower can "grow" up to six inches in the summer.

Illuminated Eiffel Tower at twilight with surrounding city lights
Antoine Antoniol / Getty Images

62.Tigers don't just have striped fur but skin, too! If you were to shave a tiger, you'd find identical striped markings as if they were tattoos.

White tiger resting on a rock with green foliage in the background
Meaghan Skinner Photography / Getty Images

63.If you go to the sky deck of the Willis Tower in Chicago on a clear day, you can see four other US states: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

64.A blue whale's heartbeat can be heard from two miles away.

65.Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins. Dolphins must come to the surface almost every 10 minutes, but sloths can hold their breath for 20 minutes or more by slowing down their heart rates.

66.Before toiler paper, corn cobs were used as a method of wiping.

Ear of corn on the stalk ready for harvest
Vovashevchuk / Getty Images

67.While she was a teenager during World War II, Queen Elizabeth II became a junior officer in the Auxiliary Territorial Service and became a trained mechanic.

Queen Elizabeth II in military uniform during World War II, standing beside an army ambulance
Imperial War Museums / Imperial War Museums via Getty Images

68.The real name of a hashtag is actually octothorpe.

69.Due to the anatomy of their neck muscles and spine, pigs cannot look up to the sky. Imagine being a pig and never knowing that there is a whole world above you. BRB, gonna cry for a sec.

Two piglets standing on grass with a camera in the background
Andy Sacks / Getty Images

70.A French general gave John Quincy Adams an alligator as a gift. The gator was kept in one of the White House's bathtubs.

71.Ostriches have bigger eyes than they do brains. In fact, among all land animals, ostriches have the biggest eyes.

Close-up of an ostrich's head with a focused gaze
Alberto Romano / Getty Images/500px

72.A dentist invented the electric chair as a method for execution. Simply put, I'm glad I wasn't his patient.

73.Like fingerprints, human tongues also have unique tongueprints.

74.If you've ever wondered what to call that blob of toothpaste you squeeze onto your toothbrush, it's called a nurdle.

Person applies toothpaste to a toothbrush, close-up on hands and toothpaste tube
Microgen Images / Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

75.Lastly: Competitive art was considered a sport for the first four decades of the modern Olympics. Artists could earn medals for painting, architecture, sculpting, and music.

Three people carving an ice sculpture outdoors near a building with the letter 'A' on it

America would win in the music category every time so long as Beyoncé is willing to compete.

Ullstein Bild Dtl. / ullstein bild via Getty Images

Wow, my brain is sweating from absorbing all that info. Instead of sending a "good morning" text, I'm just going to send one of these facts every day without any context. Do you know any interesting and fascinating facts? Let me know in the comments!