7 Beauty Hacks for Waking Up Tired Eyes

Jacqueline Laurean Yates
Tired of looking tired even after getting a full night's rest?
Tired of looking tired even after getting a full night’s rest? (Photo: Trunk Archive)

Puffy eyes and dark circles are two common concerns many people have, and while one obvious solution would be to get a good night’s sleep, there are other ways to perk up your peepers. Yahoo Beauty interviewed makeup gurus Ashunta Sheriff, Neil Scibelli, Ingeborg G., and Romi Soleimani to find out their best advice for tackling tired eyes.

Read on for seven hacks that’ll help you look fresher, or better, like you’ve had a full eight hours of sleep even when you haven’t.

Switch up your diet
In many cases, skin around the eyes is stressed internally, making it appear more exhausted externally. “Drink less coffee and much more water,” says Soleimani. “Also, be sure to eat lots of omega-rich foods [for example, walnuts, navy beans, and anchovies] and greens.” These types of nutrients help increase cell turnover and treat your skin from the inside out.

Don’t go overboard with concealers
When it comes to camouflaging the look of tired eyes, less is more. Packing on concealer will only make the appearance more pronounced, especially if you are using a concealer or color corrector that’s too light for your skin tone. “People commonly make the mistake of applying concealer that’s too light, thinking it will lift tired-looking eyes,” says Sheriff. “Instead, it looks startling and gives an almost vampire-like look where you end up looking sick.”

Learn how to color correct correctly
Color correcting under or around the eye area can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be if you know which shades work best for your complexion. “Fair skin tones can use a light peach corrector. Medium skin tones can opt for a true salmon shade, and deeper skin tones should try using orangy red correctors,” says Scibelli. “Following this technique when looking to color-correct references back to the color wheel. Oranges and reds will counter act purples and blues.”

Accentuate your eyelashes
“I find a good eyelash curler to be the best trick to make the eyes look open and awake,” says Ingeborg. When it comes to eyes, we get so caught up on things like puffiness, crow’s-feet, and dark circles that we often forget we can always draw attention away by playing up the eyelashes. Ingeborg also emphasizes after curling your lashes to use a mascara with lots of volume. Try It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. It will give you a plumped-up baby-doll look, and it’s also formulated with biotin to nourish your lashes.

Tap, tap, tap on your cosmetics
If you have been rubbing products on your eye area, you are applying them the wrong way. Experts agree that you should use a soft tapping motion, as rubbing will only aggravate the skin around eyes. When it comes to makeup, Scibelli believes, “the patting motion will keep the product/concealer in place to deliver maximum coverage.” Sheriff also adds: “Tapping the product into the eye area really marries the product to the skin naturally because the skin has oils in it, which break down the product much better.”

Sleep face-up
Some nights you are in a deep slumber and can’t help it, but if you want to avoid having a jacked-up eye situation in the morning, try your best not to sleep on your face. Scibelli explains, “Sleeping on your face decreases oxygen and circulation to your eye area.” Alternatively, you can also protect your smize while you snooze with a Slip Sleep Mask. The silk texture is comfortable to wear and will keep you from burying your face in your pillow while catching some z’s.

Avoid dark eyeshadows
Steer clear of eyeshadows that are too dark (blues, blacks, deep grays, etc.) if you are having any issues around the eye area, especially dark circles. Go for a brighter neutral shade to help perk up the look of your lids. “Definitely stay away from anything with pink or blue undertones,” says Soleimani. “Opt for warmer tans, browns, and golds.”

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