50 Cheap and Easy Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids that Are Spooktacular

Guess what? Halloween isn’t that far away, which means Halloween crafts are a go! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 50 Halloween crafts for kids. From ghosts to jack-o'-lanterns, to mummies, spiders, owls and witches, there’s a DIY Halloween craft idea for everyone. Most of these Halloween crafts for kids are pretty easy, but some may require some assistance from you.

So what are you waiting for? It’ll be the perfect activity for your kids and their friends to do after school together, during a sleepover or with the rest of your family. The best part is, most of these easy Halloween crafts for kids use items you probably already have at home or that you can find at your local Dollar Store so they won’t cost that much to make. Plus, it’ll ensure you’ll have custom Halloween crafty decorations in your house that nobody else in your neighborhood will.

Check out the 50 Halloween crafts for kids below and see how many your kids can complete as you count down the days until Oct. 31. If you don’t get to them all this year, no worries, you can always save a few of these fun Halloween craft ideas to do next fall, too.

Have a spooktacular time!

Halloween Crafts for Kids

1. Popsicle haunted houses

Make sure you hold on to your kids’ popsicle sticks. Why? They’ll need to glue them together to create a haunted house, along with black paper and Halloween-themed stickers.

2. Spider bookmark

Your kids can make spooky bookmarks in just a few steps. They just need to cut out a spider shape, attach short pieces of ribbon for legs, add googly eyes and draw a smile.

3. Pumpkin potato stamps

Kids love carving pumpkins, so let them carve a pumpkin into a potato. Then they can dip it into paint and use it as a cute Halloween stamp.

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4. Wooden ghost leaves

Give your kid a paintbrush and let them paint a wooden leaf white. Once it dries, tell them to paint on two dots for the ghost’s eyes and a larger one for its mouth.

5. Jack-o’-lantern mason jar

Cut strips of orange tissue paper and instruct your child to glue them onto a mason jar. After it dries, have them glue on a mouth and smile and then place an LED tealight inside the mason jar so it glows.

6. Jack tassels

Have your kids use a sharpie to draw a skeleton face on a ping-pong ball. Then they just need to make a hole in the top and bottom of the ball that they can string yarn through.

7. Ghost yarn hangers

Start out by letting your tweens tie an extra-long piece of off-white yarn from a metal hoop. Then, let them use a hot glue gun to add on the ghost’s eyes and mouth as well as some star cutouts.

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8. Bat wreath

Buy a grapevine wreath for this craft. Have your kids spray paint it black and while it’s drying tell them to cut out some cute black bats and the word “spooky” so they can hot glue them on the wreath.

9. Pink candy corn

Grab some candy corn wooden cutouts, three shades of pink paint and some star glitter to make this super-sweet craft. Make several so you can place them around your house.

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10. Pastel pumpkin wreath

Head to the Dollar Store and pick out some tiny plastic pumpkins that you and your kids can paint together. After you finish them, use a glue gun to glue them in a circle so they resemble a wreath.

11. Ghost mason jars

Grab a few mason jars and some paint for your kids! Have then paint each mason jar white, then add on a face with black paint. Then they can finish off their ghost jars with festive ribbon.

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12. Pattern jack-o’-lantern

Let your kids make a pumpkin mural to hang in your hallway. They just need several different pieces of wrapping paper that have some sort of pattern or fall color. Then they just need to cut them into pumpkin shapes and paint different jack-o’-lantern faces on them.

13. Popcorn pumpkins

If your kids are having a slumber party this October, they’ll love this craft. Just fill a clear snack bag with popcorn, then give them a permanent marker and tell them to sketch a jack-o’-lantern face on it.

14. Homemade Halloween card

Have your kids make some homemade cards they can send their grandparents. They just need to fold a black piece of paper in half to get started then cover their hand in white paint and stamp it on the card. Once it’s dry they can add some googly eyes to their ghost handprint and write a cute message inside.

15. TP roll bats

With some empty TP rolls, some construction paper, glue and paint, your kid can create the cutest Halloween bats. They can hang inside or from some trees in your yard once they are done.

16. Googly-eyed wreath

Cut out the center of a paper plate so you are left with a ring shape. Then have your kid paint the ring orange and add as many googly eyes to it as they want.

17. Footprint witches

Young kids will love covering their feet in their favorite color paint to create a Halloween witch. It may get a little messy, but it’ll be worth it.

18. Giant haunted house

If you have a child who loves to build things, help them make the best haunted house ever. You guys just need cardboard to design your house, some paint, a glue gun and some construction paper. It’s a project your entire family can help with.

19. Cupcake liner owls

Buy some yellow, white and orange cupcake liners so your kid can use them to make a Halloween owl. They’ll have a hoot doing it.

20. Q-tip skeletons

Give your kid a bunch of Q-tips, a white colored pencil and a black piece of paper so they can design their own Halloween skeleton. The best part is, each one will turn out differently.

21. Canned Halloween creatures

Instead of tossing out your cans, let your kids paint them and make spooktacular monsters you can display this October. From pumpkins to black cats to Frankenstein to a mummy and more, it’ll be so much fun.

22. Yarn monster

Halloween isn’t complete without monster crafts! With some purple yarn, scissors, glue and a big googly eye, your kid makes one in no time.

23. Farmhouse-chic ghosts

Want a fun craft your kids can do that is also rustic looking to match your farmhouse décor? Cut out ovals from cardboard and several magazine pages or newspaper pages into strips. Then have your kids cover the cardboard cutouts with them, add eyes and a cute bow to make the most boo-tiful ghost.

24. Mummy craft

If you have a gingerbread cookie cutter, let your kid outline it on cardboard and cut it out. Then give them some white yarn so they can wrap it around it to give it a mummy makeover.

25. Colorful pumpkins

Add some brightness to your home by making colorful artsy pumpkins with your kiddos. Paint each pumpkin a different pastel shade and then take turns adding small ghosts, bats, squiggly lines and tiny triangles all over each one in different colors. The outcome will be to die for!

26. Ribbon wreath

You and your kids can have tons of fun putting together a Halloween ribbon wreath. You can use as many different ribbons as you want and then you can hang it up when you’re done.

27. Ghost cups

Who knew you could turn paper cups into Halloween decor? Just give them to your kids and ask them to draw little faces on them so you’ll have several little ghost cups.

28. Milk carton haunted house

Round up three milk cartons and have your kids paint them black. When they are dry, have them glue on windows, a door, googly eyes and other Halloween-themed objects to complete the house.

29. Skeleton hands

How about a skeleton hands Halloween craft for your kids? Just have them make black handprints with parts of their arm and use Q-tips for the skeleton bones.

30. Bat bottle

After you finish a Coke, rinse the bottle and let it dry so your kid can turn it into a boo-tiful craft. They just need to paint it black, add some googly eyes and fangs and glue on some paper wings so it’ll be transformed into a bat.

31. Halloween headbands

Buy some cheap plastic headbands that you and your daughter can turn into cat-themed headbands. You can use black and orange string, pom poms, and tulle for this Halloween-inspired craft.

32. Pinecone spiders

After collecting some pinecones, your kids can turn them into spiders. How? With googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

33. Cotton ball ghosts

To make these adorable cotton ball ghosts, start by cutting out a ghost shape for your child. Then have them glue cotton balls all over it and add googly eyes.

34. Mummy jars

No matter how old your kids are, they can make this mummy craft. They just need to wrap yarn around a mason jar and add googly eyes to it.

35. Pumpkin seed ghost

Ghost art made with pumpkin seeds screams Halloween. Your kids will love doing this craft.

36. Frankenstein mask

Help your kid make their own Halloween costume with this Frankenstein mask. You just need some cardboard, markers, scissors and glue.

37. String pumpkin

Blow up a balloon and have your child wrap the orange string around it that is coated in glue. Once the glue is dry, pop the balloon and add a pipe cleaner for its stem.

38. Googly-eyed rainbow wreath

Cut a ring shape out of cardboard and let your kids glue different colored and different sized pom pom all over it. Before you hang it up for Halloween add tons of googly eyes all over it.

39. Black cat

Use paper to help your kids make their very own black cat while they’re at home. It’s a fun Halloween craft they’ll enjoy doing.

40. Halloween flower pots

Let your kids help you transform your garden for Halloween. How? They just need to paint some of your flower pots so they resemble jack-o’-lanterns and other festive designs.

41. Milk jug ghosts

Have fun with your empty milk and juice cartons by giving your kids markers and challenging them to draw jack-o’-lantern faces, spiderwebs, and other Halloween-themed drawings on them. It’ll be the best Halloween craft project.

42. Halloween masks

There’s nothing more fun than designing your own Halloween mask! That’s why your kids will love cutting up paper to create them.

43. Spider and pumpkin wreath

Head to the Dollar Store and grab some pipe cleaners, tiny pumpkins and more spooky objects so you can make a Halloween wreath with your kids. It’ll be a memory you’ll always have together.

44. Cute witch

Not all witches have to be scary! Use pink yarn and star stickers to help your kids turn an empty TP roll into a darling witch this Halloween.

45. Pasta bats

How adorable are these pasta bats? All of your kids (big and small) can paint these together.

46. Neon dotted bats

Cut out bats from construction paper and then let your kids use Dot-A-Lot paint to make dots all over them. For more fun, give them the glow-in-the-dark version.

47. Rock mummy

To make this craft, you just need some long rocks, googly eyes and string! Kids of any age will have fun creating them.

48. Ghost berries

This DIY project will be almost too cute to eat! Just have your kiddos dip strawberries into melted white chocolate. Once it’s dried, help them use dark chocolate to add eyes and a mouth so it looks like a chocolate strawberry ghost.

49. Ghost yard balls

To create these cuties, you just need a ping-pong ball and some yarn. If you drape the yarn over it and tie it, you’ll have an adorable ghost doll.

50. Halloween frame

If you have an old frame, let your kid Halloweenify it! They just need white and black paint so they can give it a Jack and Sally makeover.

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