Listen Up: These Are the Best Paint Colors for Your Living Room

living room paint ideas
50 Best Living Room Paint ColorsBless'er House

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No matter the room, picking a paint color is never easy. First you have to choose a color family, then decide on a specific shade and finish — and there are hundreds of options on the market. When it comes to modern living room design, the color of your walls has a big impact and can completely change the energy of your space. To help you find a favorite, we've rounded up the best living room paint ideas for every home style — including a number of 2024's trending shades.

When in doubt, stick with versatile shades. You can't go wrong with warm hues, like sandy beige, creamy white and chocolate brown, or cool tones, like bright white and classic gray. There are also muted colors, like light blue-gray, blush pink or soft sage, that evoke feelings of calm. While living room designs are meant to feel cozy and inviting, that doesn't mean neutral is the only option. Ranging from light to dark, we're loving cheerful greens, fresh blues and moody purples — even in small spaces.

As you scroll through these living room paint colors, you'll find a selection of popular hues, including picks from top brands like Behr (available at The Home Depot), Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Whether you've got a small apartment living room or a spacious open-concept layout, you're sure to find an interior paint color that sparks your interest.

Dark Teal

Amp up the drama by painting your walls, trim and built-in cabinetry a dark blue with green undertones. For another pop of personality, Lauren Shaver of Bless'er House applies botanical wallpaper on the ceiling.

Try Backdrop's Surf Camp

navy media room
Bless'er House

Pretty Peach

If you dare, orange may be for you. The trick to pulling it off in a living room: "Incorporate texture with a warm-toned sofa, and add a complementary contrasting throw blanket and pillow to soften the punchiness of the color," says designer Liz Goldberg.

Try Backdrop's Aperitivo Hour

living room designed by by interior designer liz goldberg
Courtesy of Liz Goldberg

Bright White

Make your space feel bigger and brighter by coating every surface in a crisp, clean white — which is exactly what designer Christina Kim does in this modern beach house.

Try Valspar's Ultra White

a white living room with a fireplace and white sofa
Raquel Langworthy; designed by Christina Kim Interior Design.

Sage Green

From light to dark, sage green is reminiscent of nature — making it a calm, versatile shade for living rooms. Designer Michelle Woolley of One Coast Design plays with cool shades, including a soft blue sectional, to give this living room charm.

Try Magnolia Home's Silverado Sage

green living room with pale blue couch
One Coast Design

Dusty Pink

Named after the blushing walls we often admire in newly plastered houses, Farrow & Ball's Setting Plaster is a soft pink with yellow undertones. "It's neutral but not, and works with pretty much any other color," says interior designer Colleen Simonds.

dusty pink living room
Emily Gilbert

Classic Beige

Beige is a timeless color for good reason. It can make a living room, like one by Living With Lolo, feel as bright as possible and it pairs well with a slew of design styles.

Valspar Villa Grey

beige living room
Life Created

Deep Black

Black walls feel bold, cozy and dramatic, yet are neutral enough to pair with any design style. Keep it modern with a black marble fireplace mantel and gold light fixtures, just as Maestri Studio does.

Try Behr's Cracked Pepper

black living room
Jenifer McNeil Baker

Warm White

You can't go wrong with a soft off-white shade, like Benjamin Moore's Ballet White. This creamy paint color, described as having warm undertones, is a calming choice in a Maryland abode designed by LP & CO.

warm white living room
Angela Newton Roy Photography

Exotic Pink

Take a maximalist approach, starting with an adventurous wall color. Designer Theresa Butler settles on a happy pink hue, which contrasts well against a green sofa.

Try Farrow & Ball's Ringwali

pink living room

Moody Green

To achieve a "scholarly library feel," blogger Ryann Miller paints her living room walls a moody green. The visually appealing shade leans more blue during the day, while green comes out in the evening, according to Miller.

Try Glidden's Night Watch

blogger ryann miller painted her living room walls a dark green color — current mood by clare paint,
Sara Liggoria-Tramp

Mustard Yellow

With a hint of brown, this feel-good shade looks stunning in a living room designed by Studio Indigo. For a bit of drama, the designer opts for a glossy finish.

Try Behr's Amber Brew

living room ideas
Julian Abrams

Muted Green

This cool green with blue undertones nearly feels neutral. It's a gorgeous choice for a coastal design, especially when paired with white trim and rattan accents, like designer Allison Garrison of Allito Spaces does here.

Try Sherwin-Williams' Sea Salt

a living room with a couch and a table
James Furman

Silvery Gray

You can't go wrong with an all-purpose gray in a living room. For a relaxing style, designer Caroline Kopp pairs a cool gray hue with a white stone fireplace.

Try Glidden's Fog

a living room with a fireplace and light gray walls
Rikki Snyder

Warm Beige

For a calm and relaxing feel, blogger Amanda West sticks to warm neutrals and layers in tons of texture — from throw pillows and blankets to elegant curtains.

Try Behr's Almond Cream

living room ideas
Amanda West

Dark Blue-Gray

With hints of green and gray, this elegant blue — Benjamin Moore's Blue Spruce — looks chic on the trim and ceiling in this living space teed up by Sarah Fischer of Sarah & Sons Interiors.

a living room with a fireplace
Sarah Szwajkos

Creamy Beige

This rich white is ideal for adding warmth to a living room. Threshold Design pairs the off-white walls with wood tones, gold accents and plush seating.

Farrow & Ball's Matchstick

a living room with a fireplace
Mel Willis

Purple Wine

Choose a moody shade and go full monochrome, like interior designer Mary Patton does here. This glossy purple looks great on the walls, ceiling and built-in cabinetry.

Try Benjamin Moore's Grape Juice

living room paint colors, deep purple
Molly Culver

Warm White

Freshen up any space with a warm white shade. Here, designer Jessica Nelson uses the calming hue with light woods and neutral textures.

Try Benjamin Moore's Cloud White

white living room
Carina Skrobecki

Cheerful Green

Painted on the walls and ceiling, this deep green feels cozy, yet striking. Jason Saft, interior designer, luxury stager and CEO of Staged to Sell Home, suggests using a full gloss "to give a room a jewel box feeling."

Try Farrow & Ball's' Breakfast Room Green

living room paint colors

Terracotta Pink

Pink never fails to pack a punch, and this inspiring shade with a hint of red gives this space a sophisticated feel.

Try Backdrop Home's Ghost Ranch

living room paint color ideas
Hearst Owned

Light Blue-Gray

From dark to light, there's a ton of overlap between blue and gray. Here, Maren Baker Design chooses a smoky, light and cool shade that looks practically neutral.

Try Valspar's Lighthouse Shadows

a living room with a couch and chairs
Michael Kaskel

Deep Purple

In 2024, we're seeing more moody purples popping up. Consider a deep shade, like the one Studio Indigo chooses for this traditional living room.

Try Sherwin-Williams' Quixotic Plum

purple walls living room idea
Luke White

Chalky White

For this small living room, Sarah & Sons Interiors goes for a soft gray – Benjamin Moore's Bruton White, which is a true white with a touch of black pigment. The end result feels cozy and romantic.

living room with chalky white walls
Sarah Szwajkos

Navy Blue

Although it's deep and moody, navy is still a timeless color for any interior. Pair it with browns, tans and whites — and gold accents of course.

Try HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams' Salty Dog

living room paint colors, navy
Keyanna Bowen

Bright Yellow

The large windows aren't the only feature that commands attention in this living room. The yellow hue manages to give the space an energetic feel without making it feel overwhelming.

Try Benjamin Moore's Bright Yellow

living room paint color ideas
Hearst Owned

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal-colored walls, a surprising choice for a living room, give this design personality.

Try Benjamin Moore's Charcoal Slate

living room color ideas
Luke French

Crisp White

White is always on-trend. Here, interior designer Jessica Risko Smith uses colorful furniture — like a vibrant green couch and a bold blue cabinet — to contrast with bright white paint.

Try Backdrop's Cool Moon

living room colors, crisp white
Leela Cyd

Raspberry Blush

This vivacious shade of coral, tinged with pink, is an exciting choice for a living space. The charismatic color works well as an accent wall or for the entire room.

Try Benjamin Moore's Raspberry Blush

benjamin moore 2023 color of the year raspberry blush in living room
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore


Using one color, like Benjamin Moore's Knoxville Gray, is a no-brainer for a living room, especially when it comes to highlighting details like moldings and a brick fireplace.

living room paint colors

Cool White

Make any space feel comfortable and cozy with a classic white shade. Here, interior designer Jessica Nelson goes for white from floor to ceiling.

Try Behr's Ultra Pure White

living room colors, warm white
Carina Skrobecki

Hot Pink

If you're feeling bold, consider a vibrant pink shade — which is a stunning backdrop for a black and white gallery wall.

Try Behr's Hot Pink

painting trends 2022
Courtesy of Annie Sloan

Glossy Blue

Looking for a way to make an art collection stand out? Take a cue from this stylish living room, featuring a well-curated gallery wall with blue walls in a glossy finish.

Try Benjamin Moore's Polaris Blue

living room paint color ideas
Daniel J. Collopy


Plum paint is a great way to incorporate color without going too bold and make a living room feel more inviting. Layer it with warm neutrals like cream, tan and taupe.

Try Backdrop's Not So Delicate

living room paint color plum
Ragnar Ómarsson

Soft Sage

This South Carolina living room's serene sage walls keep the focus on the thoughtful mix of patterns.

Try Farrow & Ball's Mizzle

living room paint color ideas, green living room
Brie Williams

Dark Green

Bring a small space to life with a dark hue, like Rookwood Shutter Green by Sherwin-Williams — which also has a touch of blue to match the sofa. Tip: Go for a flat or eggshell finish on the walls and ceiling, and semi-gloss on trim, baseboards and shelves.

See more at Style by Emily Henderson »

living room colors, dark green
Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Soft Purple

If you love nothing more than an eclectic design scheme, lavender walls are for you. Bonus points if you pair it with deeper shades of purple.

Try Dunn-Edwards' Soft Purple

living room paint color ideas
Bjorn Wallander


Exuding an eclectic feel, this bright interior features coral walls and an intriguing wall mural. To complete the space, interior designer Francesca Grace weaves in two statement pieces: a green couch and large gold mirror.

Try Dunn-Edward's Fresh Cantaloupe

living room colors, colorful living room, orange pink
Marisa Vitale

Light Blue

Bring balance to full built-in bookshelves with a pretty pastel hue. This eye-catching blue acts as a mood-lifter, while serving as the perfect match for the living room's pops of whites, grays and orange tones.

Try Benjamin Moore's Blue Allure

living room paint color ideas
Randy O'Rourke

Sandy Beige

The right beige can definitely make a statement. Interior designer Jean Lin of Colony does just that by pairing the hue with warm woods, rusty reds and natural textures.

Try Backdrop's Palo Santo

living room colors, warm beige
Brooke Holm

Soft Blue-Green

Keep it light and bright with this minty blue-green shade, which is also painted on the fireplace bricks.

Try Backdrop Home's Skywalker

fireplace filled with books
Lucas Allen

Bright Blue

Create a fun focal point with a bright blue wall, which is the perfect complement to a mix of reds and whites.

Try Dunn-Edwards' Beautiful Blue

blue room with rattan bench
Mike Garten

Coral Pink

Reminiscent of a sun setting over the beach, this tropical orange-pink makes a statement in the living room. For a monochrome moment, Pastiche Studios chooses a sofa and curtains in a similar shade.

Try Valspar's Coral Passion

bradford house sara kate studios and gardner studio by mel willis
Mel Willis

Chocolate Brown

Believe it or not, brown doesn't have to be boring. A chocolate brown hue enhances this living room's wood paneling and acts as a counterpart to the beige tones in the space.

Try HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams' Cobble Brown

living room paint color ideas
David Cleveland

Classic Gray

The right gray paint color can instantly give a living room a calming feel. Here, a subdued gray shade proves to be a fail-proof choice for the yellows in this refined layout.

Try Sherwin-Williams' Mineral Deposit

living room color paint ideas
Mark Scott/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndi

Mint Green

Mint green can easily bring a fresh and modern touch to a living room. Here, the unexpected hue emphasizes this room's botanical accents, including framed artwork.

Try Sherwin-Williams' Mint Condition

living room paint color ideas
Andrew McCaul


You can't go wrong with taupe walls, whether you want to play up your living room's coziness for the holidays or create a calming atmosphere for everyday lounging.

Try Behr's Rustic Taupe

living room paint color ideas
Sian Richards

Slate Blue

Pastel blue adds a fresh feel to this living room, while wood pieces and metallic accents create depth.

Try Sherwin-Williams' Dew Drop

living room paint color ideas
Erika Lapresto/Studio D

Sunny Yellow

An upbeat shade of yellow — plus a brick fireplace painted in a coat of cream — completes this living room.

Try Benjamin Moore's Yellow Freeze

living room paint color ideas
Stacey Brandford

Rusty Red

This warm red shade looks gorgeous during the holiday season, but it also works well for year-round living. Pair it with warm white furniture, rugs and coffee tables.

Try Behr's Fire Cracker

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dusty pink living room
Emily Gilbert

Earthy Tan

Earthy neutral walls set the foundation for this welcoming living room in England. Pops of pink and blue infuse personality.

Try Farrow & Ball's Oxford Stone

living room paint color ideas, tan living room
Rachel Whiting

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