29 Ideas to Transform a Small Kitchen (Before You Plan a Renovation)

Wrangling your tiny kitchen into a picture of efficiency can feel like a battle against countertop chaos and cabinet clutter. Whether you just want your space to feel like a bigger, airy space, more organized, or you're ready to revamp it with new, low-profile appliances and furniture, there are lots of options to explore before you knock down walls.

The team at Block Renovation is full of design experts and renovation problem solvers who are used to making the most of every square inch. We asked them for their POV on how to optimize the space in a small kitchen. Octavio Estrada, Block Renovation's Senior Architectural Designer shared his own experiences.

Best Practices for a Small Kitchen

"The primary rule with a small kitchen is to avoid clutter and make the space as functional as possible," shares Estrada. "With smart storage solutions and thoughtful organization, you can ensure your countertops remain clear and the space doesn’t feel cramped."

"Ideally, every item should have a designated spot, tucked away in cabinets or drawers," he adds. When designing a new kitchen or remodel, opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets and make use of every inch of space."

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Lean Into Optical Illusions

We're not talking about mirrored walls.

"Light colors reflect light, making them an ideal choice for the walls and cabinets to make the space feel more open and airy. We recommend soft whites, light grays, or pastels," says Estrada. "Another option is to use the same color on the walls and cabinets to blur the boundaries in the room and make the space feel larger."

He adds, "Avoid dark colors, busy patterns, and poor lighting—all of which can make the space feel cramped."

Enhance your wall space. Framed artwork or a gallery wall can also help reflect light in an appealing way, especially in a small galley kitchen.

Use space-saving cabinetry for canned goods and spices.<p>Block Renovation</p>
Use space-saving cabinetry for canned goods and spices.

Block Renovation

Choose Budget-Friendly Ideas With Big Impact

There are a lot of ways to make impactful but affordable updates to your small kitchen.

  • Paint the walls. All-white kitchens may be out, but leaning into white can help brighten a small kitchen, especially with the absence of windows.

  • Paint the cabinets. Colorful cabinets are in. Explore a new color palette.

  • Install minimal or low-profile hardware on cabinets and drawers

  • Upgrade extra storage space with smart solutions like hanging pot racks or baskets. Scheming new ways to make the most of vertical space is a must.

  • Minimize countertop clutter with an appliance garage.

To Renovate or Not to Renovate?

Choosing to renovate your kitchen floor plan is a big decision. Talk to a designer about creative ways to make the most of your kitchen space. They might recommend removing kitchen cabinets or adding new upper cabinets; they might suggest white countertops and encourage you to remove window coverings to enhance the natural light. "If you're discussing permanent changes, consider changing the design of your kitchen to a more efficient layout, such as a galley or L-shaped kitchen," recommends Estrada.

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Solutions That May Satisfy Your Needs Without a Renovation

  • To free up space, replace large, bulky appliances with sleek, compact options. White cabinets? Consider white appliances over stainless steel for a more seamless look.

  • Change the floors. Light wood floors or light-colored tile can help it feel like a larger space.

  • Update the backsplash. Choosing glossy hand-glazed tile or even a white subway tile backsplash can modernize your space and allow the natural light to reflect and brighten a small room.

  • Install banquette seating. Improving seating for a dining nook helps make the most of your square footage in a compact kitchen.

  • Update your sink. An old undermount or drop-in sink can be refreshed with a modern model and new fixtures with little effort.

  • Update your countertops. Marble and granite countertops are nice, but quartz countertops are both practical and affordable.

  • Choose a counter-height dining table. A bistro table can be as functional as a custom island, doubling as prep space if your kitchen design has limited counter space