20+ Free Printable Valentine’s Cards for Your Sweethearts This Valentine’s Day

There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to let someone know how you feel about them. And there’s no better way to do that on February 14 than with a Valentine’s Day card!

While there are beautiful Valentine’s Day cards for sale at just about any store as the holiday approaches, there’s something special about receiving a homemade note. Below, you’ll find a roundup of free printable Valentine cards that are perfect for sending to a romantic partner, your group of Galentines, your child's classmates at school, teachers, delivery drivers and just about anyone else!

These cards are all a cinch to download and then print out at home for that do-it-yourself feel. Some will let you personalize the inside message with a cute Valentine’s Day quote for your honey or include a picture. No matter which you choose, it’s a great way to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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20+ Free Printable Valentine's Cards

1. Sprinkled With Love

<p>Homemade Gifts Made Easy</p>

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Who doesn’t love donuts? Show your Valentine just how a-glaze-ing they are with this printable donut-themed card from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Once you download the PDF, you can print out the foldable card and write a sweet message inside.

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2. Nintendo Characters

<p>Play Nintendo</p>

Play Nintendo

The little gamers in your life will love getting a card featuring their favorite Nintendo character! Play Nintendo—the gaming system’s official activity site aimed towards kids—has six free Valentine cards that can be downloaded and printed out, featuring Daisy, the Inklings, Link, Reese, Yoshi, and Mario! All six images download in a zip file, and you can then print as many as you’d like!

3. Beary Cute

<p>The Incremental Mama</p>

The Incremental Mama

These printable panda cards from The Incremental Mama are a sweet way to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day in black and white. (Um, and pink. And turquoise. And lavender.) There are four different designs that you can download and print out at home using a color printer.

4. Llama Be Your Valentine

<p>Artsy Fartsy Mama</p>

Artsy Fartsy Mama

Take your pick from these eight woolly cute llama Valentine cards from Artsy Fartsy Mama. The free printable includes eight brightly colored cards (four vertical and four horizontal) with adorable llama puns. All eight designs will download as a PDF for easy printing at home.

5. Double-Sided Heart Valentine

<p>Smart Ink</p>

Smart Ink

Smart Ink—the printer ink retailer—has a template for five free printable Valentine Cards. Four of the designs are double-sided heart cards that you can print with two-sided printing, cut out, and fold in half, then sign the inside of the card with a message for your sweetie. There is also a postcard-sized card to print and fold in half with plenty of space inside for you to share a Valentine’s Day joke.

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6. Un-frog-ettable



Xerox has a wide selection of free printable Valentine cards, ranging from beautifully designed images of classic bouquets to adorable postcards for kids, as well as cute cartoonish renderings of animals like this hoppy frog. The free templates from Xerox come in four different sizes (except the kids’ postcards, which are four to a page), and each design allows you to customize a personal message in the PDF if you’d like to do double-sided printing. You can find more here.

7. Candy Coated Valentine

<p>Greetings Island</p>

Greetings Island

This candy-themed free printable card from Greetings Island would be a perfect complement to a box of Valentine’s chocolates for your sweetheart. The card can be customized to include your own personalized message (and even up to three photos) inside.

8. Valentines Fur-Ever

<p>I Should Be Mopping The Floor</p>

I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Designed specifically to fit an A6 greeting card envelope, these dog cards from I Should Be Mopping The Floor are paws-itively perfect to send in the mail to someone special to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. You can also download these free printable puppy cards four to a page for smaller Valentines to hand out at school.

9. Totally Roar-some

<p>Pineapple Paper Co.</p>

Pineapple Paper Co.

If your kiddo’s school is requesting non-food treats on Valentine’s Day, check out these free printable dinosaur cards from Pineapple Paper Co. The free download prints six cards to a page, and there are two different designs: muted pastel shades for girls, and cards with primary colors for boys. You can mix and match the number of cards that you need for the students in the class. Once you are done printing and cutting the cards, attach a small toy dinosaur to the center of each card for a t-riffic prize!

10. I Heart Mom

<p>My Free Printable Cards</p>

My Free Printable Cards

Don’t forget about mom! This I love you mom card from My Free Printable Cards has a cute crossword-style message on a pink and white pinstripe background.

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11. Slime So Glad You’re My Valentine

<p>Natural Beach Living</p>

Natural Beach Living

The cloud dough and slime fads are still going strong among kids these days. Natural Beach Living combines a DIY dough-making craft (that you can easily make alongside your little one) with six free printable Valen-slime cards. It’s sure to be a gooey hit among the students in your child’s classroom!

12. Pop To It

<p>That's What Che Said</p>

That's What Che Said

Your kids can wish all of their friends and classmates a popping-good Valentine’s Day with this free printable from That’s What Che Said. The free download includes eight colorful tag-shaped cards that you can attach to a mini pop-it keychain for a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving!

13. Yoda Best

<p>The Farmgirl Gabs</p>

The Farmgirl Gabs

Star Wars fans will love giving and receiving these Mandalorian Valentine Cards from The Farmgirl Gabs. The free printable includes six adorable Baby Yoda designs that you can download and print out—just sign up with your email address and you will get the file in your inbox!

14. A Colorful World

<p>Homeschool Of 1</p>

Homeschool Of 1

Free, printable folded notecards from Homeschool Of 1 feature eight different designs that can be colored in (by the giver or receiver) on one side and a Happy Valentine’s Day message on the reverse. The inside of each card is blank, so the space can be filled with a message of your own or another drawing. Pair a coloring page with one of these Valentine’s gifts for kids for the little ones in your life.

15. Juice The Cutest

<p>Really Are You Serious?</p>

Really Are You Serious?

You will have juice the cutest Valentine's Day cards when you print this fun maze on 2” x 4” label stickers and attach them to a drink box. Get the free template from Really Are You Serious?

16. It’s Cool to Be Kind

<p>Coffee and Carpool</p>

Coffee and Carpool

Encourage children to spread kindness this Valentine’s Day with these free printable cards from Coffee and Carpool. A charming project that can be used by caregivers at home or educators at school, the free printables include notes with prompts that children can fill out themselves and blank notes that they can write their own message on. The notes can also be signed with a name or sent by a Secret Valentine. There are even kindness notes to send to the adults at school, like the principal, custodian, and teacher!

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17. Whale, Hello

<p>The Cards We Drew</p>

The Cards We Drew

This cute narwhal card from The Cards We Drew is another adorable free printable that includes a sweet Valentine’s Day treat. The bright card says, “Whale you be my Valentine?” and has a narwhal in front of a rainbow. Attach a twisty lollipop as the narwal’s horn, and you have a perfect little treat to hand out to neighbors, classmates, grandparents, or even the delivery drivers!

18. You Make My Heart Flutter



Visit Shutterfly to get the template for these pretty butterfly pencil toppers. The free printable includes red, pink, and white butterfly wings as well as a blank one that your kids can color in themselves. Don’t forget to have your child write their name on the back! After you print them out, cut along the dotted lines of the butterfly wings and bend them slightly. Gently cut the two dotted lines in the center of the wings and slide a pencil down the center. You can find the rest of Shutterfly's free Valentine printables here.

19. Leapin’ Wizards

<p>Diary of a So Cal Mama</p>

Diary of a So Cal Mama

Have a Harry Potter-obsessed witch- or wizard-in-training at your house? They’re going to love sharing these Harry Potter Valentine Cards with their friends! Get the free printable from Diary of a So Cal Mama—the download includes all four designs on one page. For an extra treat, So Cal Mama suggests including a Harry Potter tattoo or a plastic wizard wand.

20. Wheely Great Valentines

<p>Life Over C's</p>

Life Over C's

Over at Life Over C’s, you can find a racecar printable that your little speedster will be super excited to send out to his or her friends this Valentine’s Day. Each page will print out four different racecar designs, with a space for your child to write his or her name. The cute sayings on the cards are: You’re a wheelie great friend, You’re first place in my heart, You really drive me wild, and I like how you roll.

21. Stick To It

<p>Watch Them Grow</p>

Watch Them Grow

Kids love stickers, and these super-cute sticker cards from Watch Them Grow are a fun alternative to a sugary Valentine's treat. The free printable gives you six cards that say “I’m stuck on you” in a cute pink, red, and turquoise color palette, and a place for your child to write their name. Once you print them and cut out each card, glue or tape a favor-sized box of stickers (available in the seasonal Valentine aisle at most stores) to the plain white side of the card.

22. Woodland Creatures

<p>Little Girl's Pearls</p>

Little Girl's Pearls

How darling are these forest friends from Little Girl’s Pearls? This free PDF includes six vintage-inspired designs: three deer, two bunnies, and a flower-toting bear, each with a cute Valentine’s Day message—like “Happy Valentine’s Day, My Deer” and “Some bunny loves you”—and a space on each card for the “to” and “from” names to be written in.

23. The S’more, the Merrier

<p>The Homespun Hydrangea</p>

The Homespun Hydrangea

There are four different cards in this set of great outdoors printable Valentines from The Homespun Hydrangea. Bright and colorful, these cards include one kid-friendly option (“You make me a happy camper”) and three flirty cards to send to someone you’d like to be “s’more than friends” with!

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