The New $2 Trader Joe’s Snack That’s Flying Off Shelves

Trader Joe's

Yours truly loves a good slice of pizza. The combination of crispy, chewy dough, robust sauce, melty cheese and a world of toppings is one mashup that’s too good to pass up. Odds are you’re a fan of the famous pie too and if you’re anything like me, you’ve refined your order like a winemaker making a prized bottle of vino.

Whether you prefer New York-style, Chicago deep-dish or the authentic pizza Napoletana, there are plenty of styles and options to choose from in the world of ‘za. As much as we could devour our favorite pie any day of the week (and we could always have another slice), sometimes we want something a bit less filling.

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Fan-favorite grocer Trader Joe’s, known to cater to our every craving, recently launched a new pizza-themed delicacy that delivers on both flavor and big time snackability. The Baked Pizza Flavored Pillow Crisps recently made their debut at TJ’s stores and at just $1.99, there’s no excuse not to give the light and airy snack a try.

According to the retailer’s site, the snack is shaped like “elongated Pillows" and measure "about 1.5 inches long.” Made out of milled durum wheat and baked in Italy, the ziti-like crisps are hollow inside, resulting in an ASMR-worthy crunch. The tomato-y, herby flavor, married with the satisfying crispy exterior, serve as a subtle nod to everyone’s favorite pie.

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Reddit user hermeticegg shared their hot take on the newly launched snack and the response seems to be a mixed bag. “Very light and crispy! Make sure you’ve got a drink on hand while you’re snacking. Not a standout product for me, but I’d probably buy again!” shared the OP.

Most of the comments echoed the same sentiment, with most agreeing. “I definitely would have liked more pizza flavor, but the crispness and overall style of these had me enjoying them. These are basically baked noodles. They are made with semolina pasta flour” said one person. Another person somewhat echoed the same saying, “It really tastes like pizza and no it is not very flavorful. This is not like flavor blasted goldfish. The flavor is somewhat subtle.”

While everyone isn't going to always agree on their love for specific products, the consensus seems that they're at least worth a try. If you’re not in the mood for a savory treat though, the chain’s Cinnamon Sugar Toffee Trio might be more of what you’re looking for.

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