The New Trader Joe's Treat Fans Are Calling 'Dangerously Good'

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One of life’s absolutes is Trader Joe’s releasing yet another product for us to obsess over. Whether it’s a Teeny Tiny Apple Pies that everyone's gotta have or the latest restock of the wildly popular frozen kimbap, the quirky retailer continues to surprise us with just the right thing (even if we didn’t know we needed it).

The most recent addition to TJ’s shelves is a sweet treat that takes sugar, spice and everything nice literally. The newly launched Cinnamon Sugar Toffee Trio is sure to be just the thing for those of us in the market for a sugary snack to go along with a cup of Trader Joe's instant coffee made with the Columbian brew that's finally back in stock.

In its most basic form, toffee is caramelized butter and sugar cooked until crunchy with the optional addition of almonds or chocolate. Trader Joe’s, however, is anything but basic. To update the classic treat, TJ’s offers not just one but three flavors, all packed in an easy-to-snack-on resealable pouch. Shoppers are already fans, calling the sweet treat “dangerous.”

Crafted by the same artisans that brought us Trader Joe’s English Toffee with Nuts, the sweet start with a rich, buttery toffee base with almonds added in. The delicacy is then enrobed in one of three chocolate options: dark, milk or white chocolate, and the final touch is a generous dusting of cinnamon sugar. All that’s left to do is enjoy—and if the social media reaction is any indication, you’re sure to do just that.

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Reddit user AnnRB2 spotted the confection on a recent trip to the grocer and shared a photo of their purchase. “These are a delight!! Although I didn’t get any white chocolate, unfortunately!” they said. The comments came rolling in, with many agreeing that they thoroughly enjoyed the treat. “Dangerously good!” said one user. “I ate half the bag and hid the rest so my roommate wouldn't eat them... He found them and left the bag with 1 left in it. They're too good!!!!” added another.

While the general consensus seems to be in favor of the snack, a few weren’t impressed by the flavor. “We felt like they had too much cinnamon flavor. It totally overpowered the toffee sadly,” commented one person. “I agree. My tastebuds were confused. I love cinnamon sugar and toffee, but I guess not together,” echoed another.

We think the treat would be perfect for holiday dessert trays and for snacking on while you're planning your Thanksgiving dinner menu. Speaking of, Trader Joe’s also has the perfect Thanksgiving tabletop accessory for you.

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