15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean With Your Steam Cleaner

Surprise! Steam cleaning can be used for more than just your floors. Sure, cleaning with steam removes dirt, grime, and stains from hardwood flooring, tile with ease. But whether a steam mop or a handheld steam cleaner, tackling your cleaning tasks with the power of steam can do so much more.

** Always do a spot test. Check manufacturer's care instructions for high-temperature steam on plastics such as laminate flooring. Avoid using steam on sensitive fabrics like velvet. For delicate surfaces like unglazed tile, or cold glass, stick to a microfiber cloth and diluted vinegar cleaning solution.***

1. Carpets and Rugs

Yes a steam cleaner cleans, but it also kills bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens trapped in the carpeted flooring fibers.

2. Stains from Upholstered Furniture

Lift stubborn stains and freshen upholstered on sofas, chairs, and car interiors (including seats, floor mats, dashboard, and door panels).

3. Cleaning Mattresses

Mattresses harbor dust mites and bacteria. A steam cleaner can sanitize and refresh your mattress without the need for chemicals.

4. Bathroom Surfaces

Use a steam cleaner's squeegee attachment to tackle tough grime and soap scum on bathroom tile grout, shower walls, and plumbing fixtures.

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5. Kitchen Surfaces

Have a flat surface? You can probably steam that. Use it to clean countertops, backsplashes, stovetops, and other kitchen surfaces to remove built-up grime, grease, and food stains.

6. Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Always more to sanitize! Use a steam cleaner on your oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

7. Toys and Baby Gear

Steam cleaners are useful for sanitizing children's toys, high chairs, strollers, and other baby gear without the use of harsh chemicals.

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8. Curtains and Drapes

A steam cleaner can remove dust and odors from curtains and drapes, leaving them looking and smelling fresh.

9. Removing Wallpaper

Steam cleaners can help loosen wallpaper adhesive, making it easier to remove old wallpaper.

10. Prep for Painting

Steam can remove dirt and grease from walls and baseboards before painting, ensuring better adhesion and a smoother finish.

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11. Outdoor Cleaning

Some steam cleaners are suitable for outdoor use and can be used for backyard tasks like cleaning outdoor furniture (plastic, metal, or wicker), grills, and decks.

12. Pet Areas

Steam cleaners are amazing at cleaning stubborn dirt on pet bedding, pet cages/crates, litter boxes, and other areas where pets spend time, helping to remove odors and sanitize surfaces.

13. Gym Equipment

Use a steam cleaner to sanitize and freshen up exercise equipment such as yoga mats, weights, and gym machines.

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14. Shoes

Smelly shoes? Use a steam cleaner to freshen them up, especially those made of materials that can't be easily washed.

15. Air Vents and HVAC Systems

Clean air vents, ceiling vents, radiators, and other HVAC components, by removing dust, allergens, and debris that can accumulate over time.